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28-12-07, 15:39
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Mobile Phone Games Thread



Sebut tipe HP
Dilarang request porn game
Usahakan menyebut judul game
Misalnya: Saya mau minta game Asphalt 4, bukan saya mau minta game yang racing.
Search before request


Sebut tipe HP yang kompatibel
No trial game allowed
No porn game allowed
Sertakan screenshot minimal 1



Ponsel berdasarkan ukuran layar:

176x208 : 3250, 6600, 3230, 3650, 7610, 6670, 6630, 6680, 6681, N-Gage, N-Gage QD, 3660, 7650, N91, N70
240x320 : N73, 6120 Classic, N95, E50, E65, N75, N76, N81, N82, N93, N95, N78, N76, 6280, 6233, 6234, 5300, 5700, 6288, 7370, 6300, 7390, 7373
320x240 : E61, E62
352x416 : N80, N90, E70, E60

Ponsel berdasarkan sistem operasi:

Symbian 1st/2nd edition : 6600, 3230, 3650, 7610, 6670, 6630, 6680, 6681, N-Gage QD, N-Gage, 3660, 7650, N70, N90
Symbian 3rd Edition : N91, 3250, 5700, 5500, N80, N81, N82, N76, N78, N95, N92, N91, N93, 6120, E50, E65, E61, E62, E70, E60
Symbian UIQ : M600i, W950i, W960i, P990i, P1i

Mohon bantuan dari rekan-rekan untuk melengkapi guide ponsel ini, terutama untuk merk selain Nokia.



Page 1

Worms 2008 | 240x320
Tower Bloxx 3D: Deluxe | 240x320
EA Mobile Burnout 3D | 240x320
Championship Manager 2008 Mobile
Glu Mobile Diner Dash 2 | 240x320
Micro Counter Strike 1.2 | 240x320
Vivendi Crash Nitro Kart 2 | 176x208
Crash Nitro Kart | 176x208
EA FIFA World Cup 2006 v1.3 | 176x208
Infinite Dreams SkyForce Reloaded | Symbian 3rd Edition
Infinite Dreams SkyForce | Symbian 3rd Edition
Infinite Dreams SuperMiners | Symbian 3rd Edition
Infinite Dreams K-Rally | Symbian 3rd Edition
THQ Wireless Indiana Jones IV | 240x320
Namco Tamagotchi Angel | 176x208
Gameloft Asphalt 3 : Street Rules 3D | 176x208

Page 2

Project Gotham Racing 3D | 176x208
Heroes Lore : Wind Of Soltia | 240 X 320
Gameloft Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood 3D | Symbian 3rd Edition
Gameloft Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood 3D | 240x320
Worms World Party | Symbian 3rd Edition

Page 3

GunBound | Symbian 1st/2nd Edition
Gameloft Assassin's Creed | 178x220

Page 4

Pathway to Glory | N-Gage
Pathway to Glory - Ikusa Island | N-Gage
Zuma | 176x220
Tetris Blockout | 176x220
EA Mobile - Tetris | 176x220
New York Nights 2: Friends for Life | 240x320

15-04-08, 20:00
Worms 2008
Untuk HP yang layarnya berukuran 240x320


Worms 2008 features new gameplay features including four all-new mini-games, an enhanced single player campaign mode, an all-new landscape view mode and new loopy weapons

Worms 2008 features a story of intergalactic Worm travellers exploring their solar system. The single-player campaign missions feature varying objectives to keep the player on their toes as they fight to defend installations, repair space crafts, collect rare minerals and battle to the death against alien races. Worms 2008 also features all new graphics and new animations, including new looks for the opponent alien races.

Players will be able to see the main game in landscape mode, as well as classic portrait mode. This view will allow the user to see more of the landscape and will give an experience closer to playing the game on a widescreen. Worms 2008 is scheduled to be available for over 850 mobile phones starting in June 2008.

Download - Worms 2008

15-04-08, 20:10
Tower Bloxx 3D: Deluxe
Untuk HP yang layarnya berukuran 240x320


Play a ridiculously addictive skyscraper building game that’ll test your reflexes and puzzle skills.
Feel the excitement of reaching for the skies in this ridiculously addictive puzzle game that’ll test your reflexes and puzzle skills. Enjoy an amazing 3D experience while building towering skyscrapers in a collection of exciting game modes!

PS: ini versi lain dari City Bloxx yang ada di hp nokia symbian..

Download - Tower Bloxx

22-04-08, 20:05
EA Mobile Burnout 3D
Untuk HP yang layarnya berukuran 240x320


Take the ultimate driving game on the road and create carnage wherever you go with Burnout on your mobile. Grab the wheel and hold on tight as you take down your rivals at adrenaline-fuelled, retina-searing speeds. Leave the rules of the road trailing in your wake and use your car as a deadly weapon to crush the competition, causing the most spectacular smashes ever seen in a mobile game. It's not about crossing the line first, it's about making sure your rivals never get there!

Link Fixed!
http://www.kitaupload.com/download.php?file=214EA.Mobile.Burnout.3D.240x320. v4.2.36.S60v3.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA.rar

28-04-08, 20:45
Championship Manager 2008 Mobile


Developed by Dundee-based Dynamo Games, the mobile game features all the tactical acumen and logistics of the PC title, in a simple to navigate menu system specifically designed for mobile handsets. Championship Manager 2008 is the most immersive mobile phone game to date and is certain to elevate the series to an even wider fan base.

Players select a team and are charged with turning them into trophy-winning heroes:
* Every aspect of a manager’s job is covered.
* Talent scouts to spot the next young stars.
* Transfer negotiations.
* Training that covers everything from fitness, to positional awareness and set plays.
* As with the real thing, results are everything and the club’s board will want to see a return on any transfer investment.
* Extremely easy to navigate.
* Bespoke menu and shortcut systems akin to those used when sending SMS messages allow the player rapid access to team rosters, transfer dealings or balance sheets.
* Vital information such as fixture lists and team information are also available at the touch of a button.
* A new 2D match overlay
* Worldwide list of players and teams.
* Full transfer system.
* Rolling news system.

Download - CM 2008 Mobile

29-04-08, 16:49
Glu Mobile Diner Dash 2
Untuk HP yang layarnya berukuran 240x320


Are you ready for a frenzied feast of fun? Enjoy a second helping of the smash mobile hit! Flo returns to help four fellow restaurateurs. Seat customers, take orders, serve drinks, deliver food, and collect tips! New quirky characters, challenges, powerups, and a surprise restaurant await. Get your customers what they want quickly and you'll rack up big tips! Bigger and better than the first, Diner Dash 2 is completely addicting arcade game fun.

Download - Diner Dash 2

11-05-08, 19:18
Micro Counter Strike 1.2
Untuk HP yang layarnya berukuran 240x320


11-05-08, 21:23
Minta Game Crash Nitro Kart Dunk

12-05-08, 10:29
sebut tipe hpnya donk.. Swt..

Vivendi Crash Nitro Kart 2, untuk handphone dengan resolusi 176x208

A major sequel to Crash Nitro Kart®, the best-selling Crash Bandicoot® mobile game to date, incorporates best-in-class 3D graphics and gameplay. Players can choose from eight different characters, eight unique karts and 16 different track options. Crash Nitro Kart 2 features sensations of extreme speed with Turbo Plane mode and Mega Boost mode; a range of effects including weightlessness in underwater and outer space levels; oil splat projections on the mobile screen; falling rocks on the track; and other twists and turns. Players can choose from game modes including Cup, Arcade, Challenges, Sudden Death and Monster Truck.


12-05-08, 13:38
Crash Nitro Kart, untuk handphone dengan resolusi 176x208

Speed your way through 12 circuits as one of the leading characters in the Crash saga. Race and battle against your opponents and turn them to dust with devastating weapons!


- Fast-paced karting action against 3 opponents
- Crash, Coco, Cortex and Crunch are playable, each with different driving characteristics: Speed, Acceleration, Handling
- 12 circuits including 3 hidden bonus circuits
- 3 Circuit Environments: City, Castle, Beach. The circuits features obstacles, accelerators, bonuses, trampoline, etc...
- Power slides
- Random bonuses (5) giving player additional weapons/powers: accelerators, mines, missiles, invincibility, speed bumps


12-05-08, 21:10
EA FIFA World Cup 2006 v1.3



EA FIFA World Cup 2006 v1.3

Supported Models

3650, 6600, 7650, 7610, 3620, 3660, 6260, 6630, 7600, 6670, 7610, 6680, 6681, 8800, 3230, N-Gage, N-Gage QD, N90, N91, N70, Siemens, Samsung ,Motorola(untuk handphone dengan resolusi 176x208)


13-05-08, 05:43
KucingGarongBF, tolong kalo mau share dibaca rulesnya. Trims.

17-05-08, 13:20
Infinite Dreams SkyForce Reloaded
Untuk Symbian 3rd Edition

http://idreams.pl/gfx/db/000140.gif http://idreams.pl/gfx/db/000141.jpg

The best shooter is back again with more levels, more graphics, more music
and more ACTION!

Have you played original Sky Force? Loved it? This one will bring even more enjoyment!

Incredible graphics, sound quality and pure fun!

- 8 totally new levels with completely new graphics!,
- new enemies,
- additional weapon,
- new music and sound effects.



Video : http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-114420889681469639

17-05-08, 13:23
Infinite Dreams SkyForce
Untuk Symbian 3rd Edition

http://idreams.pl/gfx/db/000044.gif http://idreams.pl/gfx/db/000045.jpg

Sky Force from Infinite Dreams is an ultimate classic arcade shooter, with 3d interactive objects, outstanding graphics, special effects, soundtrack and 100% of pure gameplay. See how to push the limits of your mobile to the maximum. 7 amazingly pixeled levels, tons of enemies to shoot and good old Earth to save.
The game is based on hybrid 2D/3D graphics, ideally suited for mobile segment. 2D backgrounds are mixed with fully textured 3D objects. The game includes 7 stages each one is ended with big boss.


17-05-08, 13:24
Infinite Dreams SuperMiners
Untuk Symbian 3rd Edition

http://idreams.pl/gfx/db/000069.jpg http://idreams.pl/gfx/db/000066.jpg

SUPER MINERS is addictive arcade puzzle game.
With 100 Levels, multiplayer, online highscore sytem, incredible music and sound you can have countless hours of fun!

Join Miss Rusty and Dr. Drill in their incredible underground adventure. Help them finding treasures hidden in the mines all around the world! Incredible graphics and sound, over 100 levels to complete, signle and multiplayer modes. All of this will keep you entertained for hours! You can even share your high scores online by sending them to our site directly from you mobile (using GPRS connection).


Video: http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-4360801044396597931

17-05-08, 13:27
Infinite Dreams K-Rally
Untuk Symbian 3rd Edition


K-Rally is a top-down racer where you are equipped with mines and rockets, and have several levels of upgrades available to your tires (grip), engine (speed), and armor (durability).

Leave a trail of destruction behind as you blast ahead of the competition. Make your opponents spin and crash as you bombard them with a barrage of weapons. Take them out of the race with rockets and mines. Win races and prize money so you can progress to the next level of competition for more fire action.


Video: http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-5043942355365337290

29-05-08, 09:00
THQ Wireless Indiana Jones IV J2ME
Untuk HP yang layarnya berukuran 240x320


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a mobile game based on the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. The simple control mechanism makes the game easy to access for everyone, but offers challenge for the hardcore players. Game combines the essential elements of adventure, platformer and action game genres.

- 2 playable characters: Indiana Jones (played by Harrison Ford) and his young sidekick Mutt Williams (played by Shia La Beouf), both having their distinctive skills and control schemes
- 3 different kind of enemies with their distictive weapons: axes, blow guns and hand grenades
- Story Mode with 20 levels and Arcade Mode with several challenges that unlocks trivia never heard before about the Indiana Jones saga
- Numerous hazards and obstacles: scorpions, gaps, breaking platforms, spike balls, rising and falling spikes, gaps and ledges


29-05-08, 09:13
Namco Tamagotchi Angel J2ME
untuk handphone dengan resolusi 176x208


Tamagotchi has come back to Earth as Tamagotchi Angel. Your
mission is to care for it to give it the power to go back to
its home planet. Nurture it and watch it grow up from a baby
Marutchi Angel. But beware! Look after it badly and it will
end up a nasty Deviltchi! What it grows into depends on the
care and attention you give, and remember, now your Tamagotchi
Angel develops constantly, even when your mobile is switched


30-05-08, 11:24
req donk klo ada yah......
tipe hp: N-Gage
game:Ashpalt 3 street chalange klo gk salah....

30-05-08, 17:07
Yang versi java game kan? Bukan yang versi platform N-Gage?
Silahkan.. :thx:

Gameloft Asphalt 3 : Street Rules 3D
untuk handphone dengan resolusi 176x208

Burn up the asphalt and reign over underground racing!
Asphalt 3: Street Rules is rocketing onto your mobile phone! The third installment of the most famous mobile phone racing game throws you right into the heart of the underground racing world. Take the wheel of your dream car or bike and make a name for yourself at the 4 corners of the world in amazing 3D surroundings. Force your opponents off the road and avoid the police roadblocks to attract TV helicopters filming your exploits live!


The third installment of the most famous mobile racing game in full 3D!
A plunge into the heart of the world of underground racing thanks to 3D graphics unrivaled by any other mobile game.
Ultimately spectacular driving: master the drifts, send your opponents crashing into the surroundings, make the police eat your dust and make the TV helicopters show up.
Incredible variety: 14 different road layouts located in seven cities around the world, 9 cars and 3 motorcycles straight out of the catalogs of the most famous manufacturers.

http://www.indowebster.com/GL_Asphalt_3_Street_Rules_3D_J2ME_S60V3_176X208.ht ml

31-05-08, 13:04
gk bisa diinstaal om.......
udh gw instal...abis itu pas udh kelar....tau2 removing program sendiri......
abis itu muncul bacaan application eror....
nah knp itu???

31-05-08, 13:07
hmm. harusnya sih bisa, bentar gw coba instal dulu di N-gage gw.
kayanya emang ga kompatibel sih, N-gage kurang support apps & game2 baru..

31-05-08, 13:32
ok seeeeep........
klo gk bisa jg gpp lah......
gk ush terlalu di paksakan...... >.<
N-Gage emank gk compatible buat game jenis java.....
bisanya yg berplatform n-gage..

02-06-08, 20:47
Project Gotham Racing 3D
untuk handphone dengan resolusi 176x208


Project Gotham Racing Mobile is the ultimate test of racing skill, style, and daring that rewards you not only for how fast you drive, but also for how you drive fast.


02-06-08, 20:50
Electronic Arts Sims 2 Mobile

Bring your phone to life! Experience the 1 PC game on your mobile phone. The best features from the PC are being incorporated into the mobile game for you to take everywhere you go.

The Sims™ 2 on mobile features completely unique storylines giving players the ability to customize and take control of their Sims. It offers a Create-A-Sim function, which enables players to create and customize their own Sims from a variety of components. The classic Sims 2 gameplay allows players to satisfy their Sim's wants, buy objects, develop their Sim's careers and skills, and even develop relationships with other Sims. The intuitive 'one thumb' gameplay combined with an immersive 2D Sims world will let both old and new players enjoy the game of life on their mobile phone.

Features :

* Create-A-Sim: Choose from 24 different Sim combinations
* Meet The Locals: Sims are social creatures. Getting to know other Sims in the neighborhood can lead to employment, friendship and even romance.
* Fulfill Wants & Needs: Your Sim desires certain things to stay happy. Give them what they want... or don't. It's all in your hands.
* Work: There's no free ride! Sims need Simoleans to buy food, objects and expand their house.
* Skills: Better skills mean better jobs and more money. Help your Sim improve their Skills to move up the career ladder.
* Shop: Help your Sim shop for the right combination of objects to furnish their house.
* Expand: Sims can save up their Simoleans to build additional rooms for their house.

Combatible Devices J2me :
LG C1200 C2200 C3300 C3310 C3320 F2250 F2400 F7250 F7250T G5400 G7050 G7100 L1100 S5200 L5100 P7200
Motorola E365
Nokia 6101 6111 6170 6650 6060 7270 7360 7600
Samsung E330 E350 E700 E710 E715 E800 E810 E820 P400 P500 P510 S100 V200 V20 X450 X460 X640
Siemens CL75 SF65
Sony Ericsson K500 K500i T610 T630 Z520i Z600 F500i

© 2006 Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved

http://gudangupload.com/filelink.php?filecode=941be589e4448ddfeeb0b20260c4 0902a9a157e3aab7fe3cb2fcb62827fc1420

08-06-08, 17:01
Ikutan share ah...

Heroes Lore : Wind Of Soltia (240 X 320)(untuk ukuran laennya blom d cba)

Java Games

Salah satu Game RPG d Hp yang lumayan keren


punya banyak fitur yang pastinya gag bikin kmu2 pada bosen maeninnya

Fitur-fiturnya :
-3 char yang bisa d pake dgn skill berbeda
-ad sistem combonya
-bisa tempa2 barang...
- Real-time game play
-ad summon2nya
-bkin2 orb
-etc etc..

silakan d donlod d sini

untuk walktrough sedang saia usahakan...

Rating: Very Very Recomended :there:

09-06-08, 11:56
Request !!!!

Game yg genre shooting... yg keren ya ^^
Hp Nokia E51


09-06-08, 12:06
shooting yang gimana nih?
di depan ada Micro Counter Strike itu, cobain aja..
ato model yang macem Time Crisis?

09-06-08, 12:27
yg di depan udah di install ga bisa masuk...
Time crisis jgn de... pernah main ga enak...hehehe

apa saja bos yg penting shooting

09-06-08, 12:36
shooting pesawat mau?
masuk sini, http://www.indogamers.com/f392/share_symbian_games-78763/
download SkyForce sama SkyForce reloaded deh..
graphicnya keren buat ukuran game HP.. :)

09-06-08, 12:42
Skyforce udah tamat...hehehe
jangan yg pesawat bos...
shooting yg orang2 atau tank gitu aja...wakakakaka macem2 banget si gw ini...

kalo ga salah ada game shooting yg kek strategi tuh...wa lupa namanya...game yang keluar pas jaman2 Ngage..apa yah namanya...kalo ada boleh tuh bos...

09-06-08, 12:44
yang Reloaded udah? versi barunya tuh.. :)

kalo ga salah ada game shooting yg kek strategi tuh...wa lupa namanya...game yang keluar pas jaman2 Ngage..apa yah namanya...kalo ada boleh tuh bos...
woh, Pathway to Glory.. @@
ga ada versi utk HP km..

ada sih macem gitu(perang2 gitu), bentar gw upload dulu.. di share symbian games ya nanti..

09-06-08, 12:48
duh sayang ga bisa >_<
kl main pesawat pesawat gitu di HP model E51 kurang enak...
ditunggu nih...game gamenya...hehehe

09-06-08, 12:57
Gameloft Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood 3D
Untuk Symbian 3rd Edition

Taking command isn't easy. Taking the consequences is even harder.


June 1944: The Allies land on the beaches of Normandy to liberate the continent.

You are a decorated member of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment of the "Screaming Eagles", the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. Your objective: to help your comrades in arms triumph over Nazism.
Progressing through Norman countryside and villages, you'll have to show your brothers in arms how to face the terrible ordeals that await you so that they will follow you to victory...or to a deadly defeat.


09-06-08, 12:59
udah tuh, buka aja threadnya.. http://www.indogamers.com/f392/share_symbian_games-78763/

perang2 juga, cuma kaya macem CS.. bukan strategi macem Pathway to Glory..(kayanya belum ada game yang sedetil Pathway to Glory)
Pathway to Glory aja 50 MB ukurannya, fantastis buat game HP.. :)
kalo mau versi java juga ada nih, cuma kurang bagus..

Gameloft Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood 3D

Taking command isn't easy. Taking the consequences is even harder


June 1944: The Allies land on the beaches of Normandy to liberate the continent.

You are a decorated member of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment of the "Screaming Eagles", the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. Your objective: to help your comrades in arms triumph over Nazism.
Progressing through Norman countryside and villages, you'll have to show your brothers in arms how to face the terrible ordeals that await you so that they will follow you to victory...or to a deadly defeat.


09-06-08, 13:12
wow 50 MB
ada versi javanya?boleh tuh...
hmm terus ada ga game yang bangun2 kota seperti Simcity...

semakin besar memory yg dibutuhkan berarti semakin bagus yah gamenya...ada yang yg memory nya besar dan bagus?shooting sama semacam simcity itu...

09-06-08, 13:17
bukan, maksudnya game Brothers in Arms ini lho.. @@
Brothers in Arms ada versi jar sama sis.. Itu shooting.. :)
Cobain aja..
Pathway to Glory ga ada javanya..

semakin besar memory yg dibutuhkan berarti semakin bagus yah gamenya...ada yang yg memory nya besar dan bagus?shooting sama semacam simcity itu...

yang gede2 game N-Gage baru donk.. :)
hack dulu HPnya kalo mau install N-Gage baru.. (ribet)
Worms World Party mau? rata2 game HP yang bagusan ukurannya 1 MB..

09-06-08, 13:24
bukan, maksudnya game Brothers in Arms ini lho.. @@
Brothers in Arms ada versi jar sama sis.. Itu shooting.. :)
Cobain aja..
Pathway to Glory ga ada javanya..

ohhh begitu...

Game semacam simcity ga ada ya...
kalo gitu worms boleh de
worms yg bos maksud sama worms 2008 di halaman pertama itu sama ya?atau 2008 lebih baru?

09-06-08, 13:29
worms versi java udah ada di page 1.. kalo yang SIS buka thread Symbian Games..

09-06-08, 13:30
Worms World Party
Untuk Symbian 3rd Edition


09-06-08, 13:34
oke deh... Thx for the games ^^
Kapan2 wa request lagi yaa...

12-06-08, 07:19
Untuk Symbian 1st/2nd Edition


15-06-08, 07:33
FIFA Manager 08
Untuk ponsel berukuran layar 240x320



16-06-08, 10:42
req assasin creed...

16-06-08, 12:14
tipe HP?

coba ini deh...

Gameloft Assassin's Creed
Untuk HP dengan resolusi layar 178x220


Jerusalem, 1191 after J.C. The holy Earth is in fire and in blood while the third crusade rages. In the role of Altaïr, a murderer of elite, you must put an end to hostilities by attacking you as well to the Crusaders as to the Saracen. Update the clockwork of a vast plot in a conflict which threatens the holy Earth and the rest of the world. With Assassin' s Creed, discover the new generation of the games of blending furtivité action / adventure, mysteries and frenetic action.



18-06-08, 14:57
lupa tipe hpnya :D sorry ..

kluw yg fifa manager yg baru buat k610i gw ada ga ya.. :D

18-06-08, 15:07
coba yang di atas dulu deh.. XD

18-06-08, 15:09
pertama2 bisa mpe 87% trus muncul kata2 ini diwebnya

Invalid Quickkey. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire's development team.

18-06-08, 15:23
hmm.. Mediafirenya ga bisa ya? udah gw tambah link downloadnya tuh..
Fifa manager udah coba belum yang di atas? soalnya cuma ada 1 itu aja..

18-06-08, 15:28
ga bisa juga yg ke 2 ada tulisan gini:

Sorry, the file you requested is not available.

coba dari kitaupload deh... =D sorry ngerepotin. mw grp tapi harus spread some dulu T_T

yg fifa layar hp gw kekecilan @_@

18-06-08, 15:53
udah coba lagi yang Mediafire? kayanya mesti redownload.. gw ga nemuin ada link download lagi.. masalahnya gw ga punya game itu buat layar kecil kaya HP lw.. XD
lagipula gamenya ga di rilis untuk layar ukuran kecil, jadi harus cari yang udah di modif, cuma linknya udah mati..
maaf ga bisa bantu..

19-06-08, 04:06
Request pathway to glory bos...hehehe

19-06-08, 06:35
@ atas
kan udah dibilang ga ada versi javanya.. XD

19-06-08, 08:45
untuk teman bos...hehehe

19-06-08, 10:17
HPnya apa?

coba ini deh..

19-06-08, 13:00
Hpnya Ngage-Qd
bisa kan?

19-06-08, 15:12
bentar gw coba redownload lagi xD

mampir ke sini ntar kluw ada waktu ya xP

19-06-08, 17:13
Hpnya Ngage-Qd
bisa kan?

Seharusnya bisa.. Coba dulu aja, kalo ga bisa gw kasih yang laen..

nl"]bentar gw coba redownload lagi xD

mampir ke sini ntar kluw ada waktu ya xP

20-06-08, 08:36
dah gw coba berkali2 dari kmrn. pas 99.99 % diem terus. udah ditungguin 1 jam ga nambah2 -_-'

20-06-08, 08:44
wah, ini barusan gw download ampe selesai.. ~_~
bentar deh gw upload ke kitaupload.. sabar yah..

udah gw tambah kitaupload tuh.. :)

20-06-08, 08:55

baru diketahui ada exe virus di c kompi gw. berbentuk SE101. ktnya ini virus baru kluw dideleted induknya smua kena @_@

rep added...

24-06-08, 08:31
maap ni oot ntu gem2 di atas bisa di pasang di xda/pda/pockt pc? ap cm di hp? pdanya tipe xda1 (yg masi be anten)

24-06-08, 09:37
@atas, mungkin klo support java bisa kk... cba aj dlu kk, gag ad salahnya d cba...

24-06-08, 18:27
wah, XDA yang mana?
coba liat deh.. http://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?sQuickSearch=yes&sName=xda
kasi tau saya XDA yang mana, nanti saya cek bisa ato nggak..

coba2 sendiri dulu juga boleh.. :)

24-06-08, 18:58
like this http://www.gsmarena.com/o2_xda_ii-697.php and this http://www.gsmarena.com/o2_xda-696.php bisakah? ato ada age of empire buat ini ama gem2 yg bagus lainnya? macem heroes etc worm war juga yg tamagoci juga heuheuhe :)

24-06-08, 19:22
waduh, kayaknya ga support java XDAnya.. xD
game2 bagus buat XDA banyak sih..

coba download ini deh, kalo game2 ini jalan mungkin saya bisa kasih lebih banyak..
kalo worms, tamagotchi, age of empire, dll belum nemu..

25-06-08, 08:14
waduh, kayaknya ga support java XDAnya.. xD
game2 bagus buat XDA banyak sih..

coba download ini deh, kalo game2 ini jalan mungkin saya bisa kasih lebih banyak..
kalo worms, tamagotchi, age of empire, dll belum nemu..

bisa bro. minta yg model rpg dunk. jgn yg puzzle

25-06-08, 08:31
RPG blm nemu nih.. Kalo GTA mau ga?

Btw, ada Call of Duty 2 nih..

25-06-08, 14:58
bos... yg pathway to glory, pas mau di-instal di HP temen saya(Ngage-qd) HP nya mala ngehang lama banget... abis itu muncul tulisan

App. Closed
Appctrl <<<<apalah gitu deh....

intinya ga bisa di instal...
terus kalo bisa, gw minta langsung bentuk foldernya aja ya XD, jgn yang bentuk installer...tolong ya bos ^^/)

25-06-08, 15:17
coba deh, mudah2an bener.. XD

Pathway to Glory

Pathway to Glory - Ikusa Island

25-06-08, 19:25
itu Filenya langsung di pindahin ke memory hp nya ya?
rapidsharenya udah kena limit...lol...
Thx ya bos

25-06-08, 19:44
ya,tinggal pindahin..

27-06-08, 14:05
Punya game bwt k610i yg mirip2 zuma ga? kluw ada share dunk...


27-06-08, 14:26
Untuk HP beresolusi 176x220


27-06-08, 14:56
req game masih k610i... tetris... kluw ada... kluw ga ada yg sport car/bike jga gpp.


27-06-08, 15:05
Tetris Blockout

Supplied by Madness inside
Absolutely, fun and addictive: more than 60 million players in the world have made Tetris one of the most popular games of all time. Find this legend of the game in an amazing 3D version to the many challenges! Try modes Marathon, Ultra 20 lines and the game simple and fun taking you for hours. Challenge Blockout Tetris, a classic that will unanimously!

http://www.kitaupload.com/download.php?file=128Tetris BlockOut.zip

EA Mobile - Tetris


Tetris® is one of the most popular games on mobile phones. What started as a simple Russian computer puzzle game became the addiction of millions of players worldwide. We started with one of the greatest games of all time and added the features to make it the perfect game for your mobile phone. In addition to the classic Marathon mode, we have added two quick games, Ultra (how many lines can you clear in two minutes?) and Forty Line (How fast can you clear forty lines?) to fit the way people play games on phones.

Original version for 176x220 phones, now with Ultra and 40 lines mode.
http://www.kitaupload.com/download.php?file=744Tetris 176x220.rar

yang racing bentar yah, lagi bingung mau kasi yang mana.. =P

28-06-08, 09:55
yang racing terbaru aja selain: nitro ama NFS xD

kluw bisa sih motor :psmile:

28-06-08, 11:29
di thread ini udah ada beberapa nih..


kalo ga suka gw cariin yg laen lagi..

28-06-08, 12:12
udah deh cukup yg ke 4 xD

thanks, grp still reload.. thanks aja deh xD

29-06-08, 18:45
New York Nights 2: Friends for Life


Set out to conquer New York: entertainment, adventures, love, and success are waiting in the city!

Features (may vary by handset):

* The sequel to the award winning game New York Nights, the most advanced social sim for mobiles.
* An original story full of surprises that unfolds according to your life choices.
* A realistic plunge into Manhattan life: Go out, shop, and immerse yourself in each neighborhood.
* Experience living in a shared apartment and choose your ideal roommates!
* Go out and meet New Yorkers to engage in clever, funny, or off-the-wall discussions.
* Live your romantic life any way you like and try to find the true love of your life!

29-06-08, 18:50
EA Mobile UEFA EURO 2008


UEFA EURO 2008 will feature stunning visual representations of the world’s most famous soccer players, playing in a more accessible, faster paced and responsive version of the market-leading E@ Sports soccer engine, and all of the teams and official stadiums that will be part of UEFA EURO 2008. The videogame will enable gamers to play as their favorite country from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of the championship tournament.

Take on the challenge of leading one of over 50 European national teams to glory as UEFA EURO 2008 recreates all the drama and excitement of the official tournament. A new game mode called Captain Your Country will enable gamers to put themselves on the pitch, earn the captaincy of their team and truly inspire their country to glory. Gamers will also be able to celebrate their success on-field through interactive celebrations that will add to the pageantry and atmosphere of the event. In addition, an online mode call Battle of the Nations will enable gamers around the world to lead their country to global supremacy.

http://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=abOalpSla66alJutZPiblJStX6qfkZaua A%3D%3D2

http://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=ZKyclZepZayelpbzZaqZnJGlaaebnZymZ g%3D%3D3


http://www.ziddu.com/download.php?uid=ZKubmJ2oZK2cmZbzZaqZnJGlaaebnZupa A%3D%3D3

29-06-08, 18:54
Gameloft Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity

Evolve into the greatest popstar ever on the biggest reality TV show in the world!

You're a wanna-be singer in a reality TV show searching for the music industry's next big star. Your mom parties a little too much, your romantic interest is tired of you putting your career first, and one of your fellow contestants is out to get you. Manage to cope with all the satirical situations and amusing personalities, and you'll be on your way to a successful career. Generate a loyal fan base using tricks of the trade, play up to the 24/7 camera crew following you, record an album worthy of large concert halls, and basically- do whatever it takes to reach global music stardom.

http://dopics.net/images/v6uqjvwz8glfazmjetws.gif http://dopics.net/images/eugmrw2dbrpcrxwcwn27.gif http://dopics.net/images/wybk9kvsd3l1mhwx2ms.gif

- Create your wannabe star from hundreds of possible avatars & join the mobile, reality TV adventure!
- A humorous scenario with witty dialogue delivers the best of music reality TV situations.
- A smart dialogue system that actually adapts your conversation to the specific situation.
- A perfectly rendered reality TV show atmosphere, reusing all the gimmicks of the genre!
- Tons of fun activities: Perform live shows, meet stars & make them your friends, and much more!
- Enjoy moving freely in a total of 38 different locations, divided into 10 environments.

(176x208) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/290888_
(240x320) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/258174_
(352x416) http://forum.s-c.ru/download/258173_

30-06-08, 17:28
Driver: L.A. Undercover

The high-octane return of Driver on mobile with even more explosive 3D action!

http://www.gameloft.com/common/products/243/default/web/screenshots/240/1.gif http://www.gameloft.com/common/products/243/default/web/screenshots/240/2.gif http://www.gameloft.com/common/products/243/default/web/screenshots/240/3.gif

You are Tanner, an undercover cop whose mission is to topple the Los Angeles Mafia. For the first time on mobile, ride through a huge 3D city and dive right into the heart of even more explosive action thanks to the new 3D view, just like in console games. Get ready for ultra-risky missions on foot and by car in the heart of Los Angeles, where you'll infiltrate gangs, protect informants, and chase bank robbers at breakneck speeds in hellish road pursuits worthy of the greatest Hollywood blockbusters! Tanner, get ready to do whatever it takes to protect your cover and bring down the big fishes of the City of Angels.

- New 3D gameplay with a console-game feel, hurling the player into the heart of the action.
- Explosive storyline offering more than 30 missions on foot or in cars.
- Total freedom of movement in a gigantic 3D city (4 neighborhoods).
- Ultra-realistic driving sensations, thanks to the 3D view simulating a camera placed behind the car.
- Two shooting systems: Free aim for missions on foot and automatic aim for missions by car.
- Lots of possibilities for stunts: explosions, car crashes, dizzying jumps, and much more.


30-06-08, 17:33
Hands On Mobile Guitar Hero III


Rock out anytime, anywhere with this rhythm-based,three button game that stays true to the original. Jam with giants of rock with classic Guitar Hero tracks. Shred your way to rock hall of fame glory as either Judy Nails or Axel Steel, in three killer venues from the console game.


01-07-08, 08:21
Gameloft Guitar Rock Tour
Play the guitar on your mobile phone like a true rock star!

http://www.gameloft.com/common/products/450/default/web/slideshows/240/slideshow.gif http://www.gameloft.com/common/products/450/default/web/screenshots/240/2.gif http://www.gameloft.com/common/products/450/default/web/screenshots/240/3.gif

- The first musical game for mobile phones totally devoted to the guitar and rock music.
- 8 world-famous rock hits: Message in a Bottle, Banquet, Heart-Shaped Box, Smoke on the Water...
- Very simple controls fully adapted to the game on mobile and accessible to all players.
- No musical or guitar knowledge required to have a blast!
- Rock Star mode: start out in a garage and work your way up to filling the biggest arenas with fans!
- An exceptional lifespan with 51 levels and 3 levels of difficulty.

(128x128): http://forum.s-c.ru/download/316821_
(128x160): http://forum.s-c.ru/download/316820_
(176x220): http://forum.s-c.ru/download/316818_
(240x320): http://forum.s-c.ru/download/316816_

01-07-08, 14:42
Gameloft Splinter Cell: Double Agent


Which side are you fighting for?
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Sam Fisher faces his most challenging mission yet, a mission that will require a new skill set that includes slyness, stealth and speed. To stop a devastating attack, he must infiltrate a vicious terrorist group and destroy it from within. For the first time ever, experience the relentless tension and gut-wrenching dilemmas of life as a double agent.

- The new installment of the Splinter Cell series: the benchmark of stealth / action games, and a mobile blockbuster.
- A true revolution in the Splinter Cell world, by far the less "traditional" episode and "sexiest" Splinter Cell: double agent concept showing a "different" Sam, unexpected story allowing brand new gameplay...
- Many new innovations (gameplay, graphics...) in the brand tradition of excellence.
- Replay value and long lifespan with several difficulty levels to unlock.

176x208: http://forum.s-c.ru/download/241693_
240x320: http://forum.s-c.ru/download/241691_
320x240: http://forum.s-c.ru/download/335442_

01-07-08, 18:34
NBA Smash



01-07-08, 20:05
Bos request game donk Buat tipe2 E51...

ada ga ya Game yg bisa dimainin pake bluetooth.. jadi bisa main rame2 sama temen, seperti rayman... THX ^^

02-07-08, 07:50
udah jarang nih game multiplayer lewat bluetooth..
apalagi buat HP2 baru..
kalo ga salah di sini ada satu.. http://www.indogamers.com/1152733-post16.html

kalo ngga suka gw cari lagi yang laen.. =D

02-07-08, 07:53
SimCity Societies


Featuring an all-new, revolutionary feature set, SimCity Societies allows players to create their own kinds of cities, shape their cultures, societal behaviors and environments.
Build an artistic city, an Orwellian city, futuristic city, green city, spiritual community or any society you want! With more accessible and innovative choices than before, SimCity Societies is the most versatile city building game.

SimCity Societies is the most versatile city building game.
SimCity Societies provides players with the ultimate building block tool kit, allowing players to combine, connect and re-arrange elements of their city like never before.

Revolutionary new resource management: control the social energies of your city.
Choose, combine, mix and match 6 different social energies: industry, wealth, obedience, knowledge, spirituality and creativity to shape the character and style of your own city.
Make an artistic city, an industrial one, a police state or anything you want.
Build your own kinds of cities! Strive to create an Orwellian Utopia, a city of technology, a city of contemplation, a candy land filled with gingerbread houses and chocolate factories or wherever your imagination takes you.
Build out the city with unique homes, roads, parks and industries.
Choose from more than 350 buildings that are inspired by realistic and fanciful

archetypes, spanning from the industrial age into the future and beyond.
As your city evolves, you be able to unlock new buildings to help advance your

Share your own unique cities with your friends online.
SimCity Societies allows you to create your own unique cities to share with your friends online.

176x208 : http://w15.easy-share.com/1700782934.html
240x320 : http://w15.easy-share.com/1700782933.html
352x416 : http://w15.easy-share.com/1700782935.html

02-07-08, 07:55
Gameloft King Kong


King Kong The Official Mobile Game of the Movie brings the experience of the film right to your mobile phone by throwing you directly into the adventure.

True to the film's storyline, you'll relive the key scenes and reunite with the main characters on Skull Island, a truly impenetrable jungle where prehistoric creatures have lived hidden and protected for millions of years. You'll then have the tough and tricky task of protecting the lovely Ann, an actress looking for fame who has agreed to do a secret shoot on this remote land to get away from a New York devastated by the Great Depression.

- The official mobile game of the most anticipated film of 2005.
- 9 action-filled levels in 3 beautifully rendered cinematic environments inspired by the film (Skull Island's jungle, the temples of Skull Island, and Manhattan); super-detailed and realistic graphics, amazingly fluid animations and interactive environment.
- Groundbreaking dual gameplay offering the chance to play Jack and King Kong, delighting fans of both adventure and pure action.
- Easy to play: amazing moves and attacks are possible with simple, context-sensitive controls.
- True to the film: game creators worked very closely with movie's team to ensure that the game's visuals and storyline are entirely consistent with the film.


02-07-08, 08:00
Brothers in Arms: Art of War


- The new, explosive episode of the celebrated "Brothers In Arms" series.
- 13 intense missions from 3 campaigns including the famous Operation Market Garden.
- Never-before-seen situations: Parachute missions, first-person cannon fire on planes, boats, etc.
- Drive a tank and use a variety of arms: Machine Gun, Bazooka, Mortar, Explosives...
- New, dynamic shooting gameplay and breathtaking explosions.
- Numerous scenery elements to destroy (buildings, bridges, trees, etc.)


02-07-08, 16:32
Nitro Street Racing 3D


Enter the cruel world of urban street racing. Choose your ride from 10 of the most famous tuner cars, from the BMW M3 to the Nissan Skyline, to defy the fastest gangs of the city in deadly races through moving traffic. Explore a massive city in 3D and experience a real freedom of movement as you look for rival racers. Race through 5 distinct neighborhoods with their unique look and feel. Juice up your ride and experience the most aggressive racing experience ever.

- 10 licensed rides from BMW, Cadillac, Nissan, Peugeot, Subaru, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Chrysler
- An entire city designed in 3D with 5 distinct neighborhoods each owned by a gang
- Total freedom of movement in the city! take the shortest way to win.
- Face the city gangs in over 40 different races and deadly challenges
- Master 6 different racing modes to earn respect


02-07-08, 16:35
Gameloft Heroes


Join Hiro, Niki, Peter and more in the official, exclusive game of TV's most talked-about series, Heroes, and experience the show's mind-bending universe on your mobile phone. Relive the series' thrills by entering an epic game that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities – and an ultimate destiny to save the world! Experience the excitement of super-human abilities as you sneak into places unnoticed, save lives and fight enemies with astounding skill.

- Take turns playing Hiro, Niki and Peter, and enjoy using their unique powers.
- Meet more characters from the show to help you with your quest to save the world.
- Written in collaboration with the show's writers, the storyline includes fan-favorite moments.
- Learn more about the plot by discovering exclusive information about the show.
- A total of 11 levels within four locations: NY city streets, future NYC, Museum & Las Vegas.
- Plunge into the Heroes universe, thanks to authentic locations, scenarios & characters from the show

176x208 : http://forum.s-c.ru/download/334560_
240x320 : http://forum.s-c.ru/download/202109_

02-07-08, 21:06
KungFu Panda


Orcs and Elves
176x208, 240x320


Midnight Pool 3D
N-Gage v2.0 dan Symbian 3rd Edition



02-07-08, 21:08
Pocket DDR ~ (Dance Dance Revolution)

http://s2d2.turboimagehost.com/t/386790_pddrscreen1sa1.jpg http://s2d2.turboimagehost.com/t/386791_pddrscreen2bt5.jpg http://s2d2.turboimagehost.com/t/386792_pddrscreen3wy3.jpg


v. 0.1.0 pre-alpha - released November, 26th 2006

This is the first public release of Pocket DDR. It is really early version, most of
the features and functions are not supported at this moment. Development was intent
on basic game engine, which should be nearly complete at this moment. More features
will come in next releases.

Supported features:
- Basic Game Engine and GamePlay
- Jumps, Holds, Mines

Suported Notes:
- 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/8

Supported Song Modifiers:
- Note Speed: 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x

Unsupported features:
- Roulette and Random at Song Selection Screen
- Screenshot at Result Screen
- Note Skin and Theme customization from external files
- Controls Customization
- RMS Saving
- Most of the Graphics is still missing


- Mobile Phone
- MIDP 2.0
- MMAPI (Mobile Media API)
- JSR-75 (File Connection API)
- Memory Card support
- Free Space for storing songs
- Enough memory and performance to run application


- Nokia N93*
- Nokia N91*
- Nokia N80 (tested)
- Nokia N73 (tested)
- Nokia E6x*
- Nokia E50*
- Nokia 5500 (tested)
- Nokia 3250*
- Nokia N90 (tested)
- Nokia N72*
- Nokia N70 (tested)
- Nokia 6681 (tested)
- Nokia 6680 (tested)
- Nokia 6630*

* theese devices weren't tested, but it's suspected that application will work


Pocket DDR is music based game. Music notes are represented by arrows, which are going
in the rythm of music upwards from the bottom of the screen. When note meets the
receptor (gray arrow) it is exact time to press coresponding key for currrent note.
There are several time intervals to determine accurancy of key press, each note is
evaluated separately depending on time interval when you pressed this note. There
are 6 types of note scoring:

Fantastic - best
Way Off
Miss - worst

You percentage score depends on the scoring, if you want to complete song at 100%
you have to make only Fantastic scoring for every note.
Also life is dependant on your accurancy, if your life is depleted, you fail. Life is
represented by the life bar located on the left side of the screen.

Possible note events:
Regular note - regular note is represented by simpe arrow
Hold - hold is long arrow with something like a tail, you have to keep pressed
the key until the note ends
Jump - jump are two or more notes going in the same time, you have to press both
keys at once
Mine - don't tap the mine, it will explode and your life will be decreased

Note types are represented by colors:
Red - 1/1 note
Blue - 1/2 note
Green - 1/4 note
Violet - 1/3 note
Yellow - 1/8 note

2 - Up note
4 - Left note
6 - Right note
8 - Down note


Song are located in external files on the phone memory card in E:/Pocket DDR/Songs/
where E: represent the memory card drive. Each song have to be in separated directory
which name is same like the song data files names. Remeber that song name and directory
names are case sensivive!
Each song data are consisted of .MP3 file and .SDF file. MP3 file contains music track
and SDF file contains other song data like a stepcharts, graphics etc.

E.g. if you song is named "Cool Song" the files have to be located in theese paths:
E:/Pocket DDR/Songs/Cool Song/Cool Song.mp3
E:/Pocket DDR/Songs/Cool Song/Cool Song.sdf


The .SDF file format is .SM file converted into binary form, also song graphics is
packed into this file. You can easily convert .SM files into .SDF by using SM2SDF
convertor and make your own songs. There are some conditions which have to be adhere:

- song images must be .PNG format
- background image size must be 352x416 pixels
- banner image size must be 256x80 pixels
- all files (.SM file, background and banner file) must be in same directory

Then you can begin the conversion by simple command from command line:

e.g. if you have the song "Cool Song" it will look like this:
SM2SDF.EXE Cool Song.sm

If your song is not compiled successfully, there can be some problems:
- unsupported note type
- unsupported pattern lenght
- unsupported song event (like a Roll etc.)
- wrong background or banner image size

It is recommended to use some png optimizer like a PNGOUT to decrease size of PNG files.

Download Here

02-07-08, 21:10
Wheel of Fortune DELUXE
176x208, 240x320

Screen Shot
http://vanix.net/images/uploads2/wheel_of_fortune_deluxe.jpg http://vanix.net/images/uploads2/p7189789.jpghttp://vanix.net/images/uploads2/p7189790.jpg


02-07-08, 21:12
The Incredible Hulk


176x208 : http://forum.s-c.ru/download/330247_
240x320 : http://forum.s-c.ru/download/330241_
320x240 : http://forum.s-c.ru/download/330245_
352x416 : http://forum.s-c.ru/download/330242_

Super slam pingpong , Incredible HULK , Snoop Dog Cruisin ~ Pack

Glu.Mobile.Super.Slam.Ping.Pong.240x320.v1.0.0.S40 v3.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Glu.Mobile.Super.Slam.Ping.Pong.v1.0.0.Motorola.V3 x.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Glu.Mobile.Super.Slam.Ping.Pong.v1.0.0.Samsung.P20 7.J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Glu.Mobile.Super.Slam.Ping.Pong.v1.0.0.SE.W600i.J2 ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Glu.Mobile.Super.Slam.Ping.Pong.v1.0.0.XScale.WM20 03.WM5.WM6.Retail-BiNPDA
Mforma.The.Incredible.Hulk.Rampage.v0.3.9.SE.K750i .J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Mforma.The.Incredible.Hulk.Rampage.v0.8.2.S60v2.J2 MEv2.Retail-BiNPDA
Mforma.The.Incredible.Hulk.Rampage.v0.8.2.SE.S700i .J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Sony.Pictures.Snoop.Dogg.Cruisin.v0.4.50.SE.K750i. J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Sony.Pictures.Snoop.Dogg.Cruisin.v0.5.83.SE.K800i. J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA
Sony.Pictures.Snoop.Dogg.Cruisin.v0.5.83.SE.S700i. J2ME.Retail-BiNPDA


02-07-08, 21:14
Games For Sony Ericsson ~~

Ferrari World Championship


resolusi : 176×220 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?9n03x4hdldl
resolusi : 240×320 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?wxmiwzh3zwz

Rambo Forever

resolusi : 176×220 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?tnjrm2nynzb
resolusi : 240×320 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?xwlnz2if93k

Midnight Bowling 2


resolusi : 176×220 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?wmngvwggdmg
resolusi : 240×320 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?dlmxmcmnlwn

03-07-08, 06:57
Metal Slug X


Provides many leading characters to choose, the character acts richly colorful, total the nearly 30 sets of movements, splendid fight the picture, the coordination background music manifest the jungle to feel fully, the leading character long-distance firearms fire, near body leaves the knife attack for to play the family time dissimilar feeling, many kinds of enemy intelligence design ......

176x208 : http://www.kitaupload.com/download.php?file=51Metal Slug X-176x208_S60v2_EN_translated_by_dung1291985.zip

240x320 : http://www.kitaupload.com/download.php?file=639Metal Slug X-240X320_S60v3_EN_translated_by_dung1291985.zip