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    Default Castle Fight Update

    Ingat Perlakuan game CF ini adalah sama dengan dota.. artinya Leaver = Ban !! walau biasanya di banned dengan hari yg lebih sedikit.. misal kalo dota bisa kena 30 hari, di CF umum nya 7 - 14 hari. tapi ini tidak mutlak, tergantung kebijaksanaan OP.. so bisa juga CF di banned 30 hari !

    Leaver [ Berlaku di server Pub & Free ]
    Pengertian Leaver adalah user yang keluar secara sengaja dari permainan sebelum selesai tanpa persetujuan. Pembahasan mengenai Leaver adalah sebagai berikut :

    Pada game tertentu, misalnya Elemental TD atau Pimp My Peon, anda dapat secara bebas meninggalkan permainan apabila sudah benar-benar mati / game over dan player lain tidak merasa dirugikan. Pengecualian untuk game selain DotA seperti CF, DBZ, Vampire, Naruto, X-Hero, Pudge War, Glaive, Maffa, FOC termasuk dota mode WTF dllsb tetap akan diproses sesuai dengan ketentuan yang berlaku.

    Status Leaver berakhir saat game selesai atau pemenang sudah ditentukan (Pada DotA, misalnya Frozen Throne / Tree of Life sudah hancur dan muncul box hasil akhir), meninggalkan permainan satu detik sebelum game selesai, tetap dapat dikategorikan Leaver. Keputusan pemberian sangsi (BAN) leaver beberapa saat sebelum game usai adalah murni kebijakan dari masing-masing OP.


    Definisi leaver di game CF di atas adalah untuk server Pub dan Free, kalau junior gw kurang tau, soalnya pas baca2 rules, rules di junior kurang spesifik untuk masalah leaver di game CF dibandingkan rules publik dan Free, lagian kalo main ginian gw slalu main di Pub, dan gw sangat sangat jarang main di junior.. jadi kurang up date deh rules2 di junior nya.. Hmm

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    DownLoad usahakan selalu dari situs resmi yaitu :

    saat ini sudah mencapai versi ke 1.12

    Change Log :
    Spoiler untuk change Log sbb: :

    This is a very big patch containing many new things and some design changes. At first, there is a new race and some new units for other races.
    The gamemodes Individual Races and No Coins are now on by default, because the vast majority agreed on them. However, you can still turn them off with new commands.
    The foodsystem was replaced by a more accurate wood system, this makes special building balancing easier and more fair.
    You are no longer able to cage units inbetween buildings, so farming ain't possible anymore (unless you play -ca).
    I rewrote the AI making it more potent, easier to enhance and making it use less CPU time.
    Last but not least, there are many new gamemodes other small changes and bugfixes. Check the full feature list!

    -New Race: Mechanical
    -Individual Race is now always on. You can turn it off by using -dr (dual race)
    -No Coins is now always on. You can turn on coins again by using -co (coins)
    -Replaced the food system with a wood system, now, creepbuildings grant wood upon construction, specials need wood to be built. Food is now the ressource for legendary buildings
    -New tooltips: All tooltip are now generated procedurally by my tool GOSI which results in some changes
    -Caging units is no longer possible. If they get stuck they will just walk through your buildings
    -New gamemode: Caging (-ca): You are able to trap units with your buildings and build farms like in earlier versions
    -You can buy items from everywhere in your castle now
    -Buildings are now "summoned" to avert caging abuses. In exchangeg normal buildings need 4 seconds now to be summoned. So you still have some time to cancel a wrong building
    -Buildings with a specific range like towers or gjallarhorn got now a button to display their range
    -Sold Items only grant 30% of their normal price now
    -In -prX you now have only 34 seconds (30 seconds of round time) to pick a race. If you don't pick one you will get a random race. A timer window displays the remaining time
    -New Elf building: School of Wizardry
    -Tower of Supreme Magic is now a legendary upgrade
    -New Corrupted building: Ancient of Annihilation
    -The afk detection no longer relies on the movement of the worker. It now checks for selection events and worker order events
    -New gamemode: Domination (-dom): Your team gains bonus income if it controls both lanes
    -Special building now use their Mana as Spellcooldown. This way I can do fancy things like speeding up their cooldown (which is done by power plant)
    ->Note that some buildings had their cooldown changed by 0.5 seconds, because with mana I can't do cooldowns like 12.5 sec.
    -New gamemode: Single Lane (-sl -slt -slb (random/top/bottom)): Units can only move over one lane. Also air units cant fly over the other lane.
    -New gamemode: Stable Mode (-sm): You can't choose the latest race (Mechanical in this patch). This is for league matches and wars, if a new race is still imbalanced
    -New gamemode: Fog of War (-fowXXX) There will be Fog of War at the beginning of each round for XXX seconds. Max is 180 seconds.
    -New command: Extra Rounds Vote (-xrX): Increases the number of wins for overall victory by X. All players must agree to this change
    -New gamemode: Ban Races (-banX) Before races get picked/randomed the leader of each team bans X races which cannot be picked/randomed then
    -New gamemode: Race Draft (-d): This is a new major game mode like pick and random. In this mode you pick your races in a fix order (1-2-2-2-2-2-1). It can be used like the other game modes, for exampel -dr3 starts a draft each round game with 3 wins
    -New gamemode: Multiple Players (-mpX): Each human player controls X players
    -Changed Food Limit to Lumber Limit (-llXXXXX): You can limit the maximum amount of lumber that a player can get with this gamemode
    -Added a block effect whenever an immune unit is hit by a special building
    -Reduced the collision size of most units making bigger battles on less space possible
    -Rewrote the AI completely, should fix some bugs and decrease CPU usage, in addition the behavior of Bots is changed:
    -->The AI tries to place Rescue Strikes more accuratly now, killing more enemies
    -->The AI no longer spams towers, but calculates the remaining rescue strikes and already built towers in its desition when to build a tower
    -->The AI will build more specials when it has the wood to do so
    -->The AI counters much better now, considering the armor and attack type of all enemies on its lane and many other factors
    -->The AI should use less computation time
    -->The AI repairs now all damaged buildings using a priority system, not only the ones that are attacked recently

    -Avenging Spirits reduction now works properly
    -Fixed some percent glitches (rounded all percent chances to 5% steps)
    -Ballista should no longer damage allies with its splash attack
    -You can now upgrade to Church with its hotkey R
    -If a player picked for another player (due to shared control), the picking player received the builder. This is fixed
    -Frost Orbs no longer slow workers
    -Bots shouldn't use their RS against frost orbs and starfalls anymore
    -Silver Glade won't cast their heal onto tentacles anymore
    -Turret of Souls and Coral Statue no longer already have their aura before they are built completely
    -nrs works properly now
    -Rewrote the whole race pick / random system. The bug that allowed you to pick a race twice in -ir should be fixed
    -pause should work now
    -You are no longer able to block with undead builder
    -Fixed a mistake in the Manual
    -Vampires no longer raise from mechanical units
    -Added to OoW's tooltip, that it has an extra chance to target unbuffed units
    -You are no longer able to "pet-use" your units by setting their rally point
    -Fixed some buff icons
    -Corrupted Protector should no longer fail to attack in some situations
    -Race Chooser no longer uses food
    -Naga Siren should no longer be able to be blocked by workers
    -You no longer can get multiple workers by abusing -draw
    -AI should no longer use Rescue Strike on buildings under construction

    -Reduced Wizards lightning trigger chance to 25% and the value of his heal to 220 hp
    -Reduced Suumpmolk's poison to 35%
    -Reduced Bloodthirster's Faerie Fire armor reduction to 6, increased cooldown to 6 sec and speeded up the casting animation
    -Reduced Sukkubus curse's chance to miss to 35%
    -Reduced Banshee's slow amount to 30%
    -Assassins walk faster in stealth
    -Increased the armor and damage reduction of ancient wandigoo's Howl
    -Speeded up the casting animation of ice trolls
    -Increased the damage done by magnataurs stomp by 25
    -Artillery now has normal Killer income
    -Increased the damage of Frost Wyrm
    -Hydras have minor splash damage now
    -Reduced Mana regen on Royal Assassins from 1 mps to 0.7 mps
    -Assassin starting mana from 60 to 70
    -Reduced income gain of Killer and Support buildings by 0.2%
    -Lich King now has the same immunity like Amazon (against Death Pit for example)
    -Reduced the cost of City of Decay by 100 gold
    -Dragonhawk Rider armor down to 3
    -Capped max number of targets for Dragonhawk Rider's Solar Strike to 5 again
    -Increased Sniper's damage by 2 and Marksman's by 3
    -Removed Manapool from all Hydras
    -Tidal Guardian is legendary now, increased cost, damage, AoE, decreased cooldown
    -Reduced Slaughter House's cost by 50
    -Slightly increased damage on Elune's Lantern
    -Gjallarhorn, Succubus, Ent/Treant, Incubus, Chainlightning, Ice Queen, Necromancer, City of Magic and Coral Statue can now target mechanical units with their abilities
    -increased Tidal Guardians cooldown by 1 second and reduced its damage to 270
    -Starfall Obelisk is legendary now, increased goldcost by 150, cooldown to 30 sec, increased AoE, increased duration by 1 second, increased damage done to buildings (33% -> 40%)
    -Decreased Dragon Turtle's damage by 15

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    versi terbaru versi 1.13b
    Spoiler untuk versi 1.13b :

    A quick fixing patch for the bugs in v1.13

    -Dragonhawk's Solar Attack is working again
    -Energy Tower's chain lightning is working again
    -The anticaging is archieved by walking through the buildings, because exploding caused many bugs
    -You cannot build right before the castle's front walls anymore to prevent some abuses in single lane mode
    -Heavy Gunner no longer hits friendly units with its splash damage
    -The AI will prefer the Main Castle over normal buildings when checking for repair targets
    -The unit will strike a building even if it is not repaired inbetween if an amount of time expired since
    the first strike. (This amount is lower for the Main Castle, such that the Castle will receive a strike more
    often to prevent game losses without all strikes beeing used)
    -AI build regions were slightly changed, that the AI builds closer to the Main Castle in the beginning
    -Gjallarhorn buffed only one unit at once, this is fixed

    -Reduced Heavy Gunner's armor and hitpoints slightly

    -The high taxes modification message still said 15 income instead of 12.5
    -Units with splash damage all had "0 AoE" stated in their tooltip, this is fixed

    merupakan penyempurnaan dr versi sebelum 1.13
    Spoiler untuk versi 1.13 :

    This is mainly a bugfix and balance patch. However, some additions were made: The fixed income, unique races and permanent fog of war modes offer new strategies and are experiments how the game can be improved with new ideas. Bots are now better mates since they build behind the castle and don't crash if they are undead. However, keep in mind that the castle was weakend and thus doesn't have such big tanking capabilities anymore. Most known bugs were fixed and most balance issues were addressed. Read the full changelog or just try out the new version.

    -New modification: Fixed Income (-fi): Players start with 100 gold and 30 income.
    Income is only increased by Treasure Boxes, nothing else
    -New modification: Unique Races (-ur): Each race can only be picked / randomed / drafted once. (Even across the teams)
    -The maximum player count was reduced to 5on5 to allow spectators (and because 6on6 truely sucked)
    -Legendary units now have a 75% spell damage reduction and most negative effects last less time on them:
    -->stun: 50% duration
    -->other negative buffs (freeze, curse...): 25% duration
    -Bots now build behind the Main Castle
    -Reduced the hitpoints of the Main Castle to 5000
    -fog of war can now last as long as you wish, or event indefinitly if you use -fow without any number
    -Redesigned marksman, he is now only able to attack air
    -Added Gunner's Hall as a new upgrade to the Sniper Nest (Gunner's can attack only ground)

    -special buildings now work in fog of war
    -The undead bot no longer crashes after some time
    -Fixed erasor's upgrade lumber cost
    -Warlock is no longer doesn't use his spell on mechanical units
    -Shredders no longer damage allied buildings when they die
    -Nuke Launcher's woodcost was replaced by foodcost
    -Fixed the insane repairtime on Gyrocopters, however, they can still be repaired very fast
    -You no longer get two workers in the next round when somebody -draws immediatly after the Castle goes down
    -When -nafk is chosen, all players that went afk before it will be re'd automatically
    -World Freezer orbs now stun units as stated in its tooltip
    -In -mr mode, -afk had a strange behavior. This is fixed

    -Increased Flesh Golem's hitpoints by 200 and its armor by 1
    -Increased the woodcost of Oracle of Sirens, Obelisk of Light and Death Pit
    -Increased Naga Guardian's hitpoints by 25
    -Increased Naga Royal Guard's hitpoints by 100 and its armor by 1
    -Increased the heal ratio of Avatar of Vengeance / Avenging Spirit by 5% / 2% and increased their hitpoints by 50 / 25
    -Reduced the income gain of support / killer buildings to 1.2% / 0.9%
    -Taxes in -ht (High Taxes) were raised from 15 to 12.5 (so taxes increase by 10% for each 12.5 gold income you have)
    -The maximum tax rate was raised from 70% to 80%
    -High Taxes mode is now enabled in league mode
    -Tower Balance changes:
    --> Towers can be repaired around 22% faster
    --> Increased build time of towers to 20 seconds (that you really build them BEFORE you get pushed, not during the push)
    --> Increased hitpoints to 1500
    --> Increased hitpoint regen to 2.0
    --> Increased armor to 8
    --> Reduced lumber cost to 300
    --> Increased tower income gain by 0.1%
    --> Blast Staff now costs 200 lumber
    -slightly increased minedamage and radius
    -slightly increased lunatic goblin's damage, radius and damage against buildings
    -changed flamegunner's armor type to light and increased its armor value
    -changed iron golem's armor to medium
    -reduced Bloodthirster's number of bounces by 1
    -Increased Energy Tower's range by 50
    -Increased Adamant Golem's hitpoints by 150
    -Increased Assault Tank's dps by around 5
    -Reduced cost of Aircraft Factory by 10
    -Increased bash damage from Rotherothopter/Gyrocopter by 15/20 and increased stun duration by 0.2 seconds
    -Solar Strike is no longer able to target mechanical units (will make gyrocopters more useful against Dhawks)
    -Powerplant now has an aura that has a chance to purge negative buffs from buildings it empowers
    -Volcano is now restricted to 6 victims max
    -Incubus is no longer able to overtake legendary units
    -Heavy Tank Factory cost was reduced from 270 to 250
    -Reduced Ice Queen nove area damage by 25 and freeze trigger chance by 5%
    -Increased Magnataur's dps by 7, its stun duration by 0.5 seconds and its stun damage by 25
    -Increased Ancient Wandigoo's hitpoints by 150
    -Increased Infernal's hitpoints by 100
    -Increased Wandigoo's hitpoints by 50
    -Increased Axemasters dps by 10 its pulverize damage by 30, its armor by 3 and its hitpoints by 25
    -Increased Hydra's splash radius slightly
    -Increased Dragon Turtle's dps by 6
    -Increased the hitpoints of all murlocs slightly
    -Reduced Ballista's dps by 3
    -Increased Paladin's armor by 1 and its hitpoins by 50
    -Increased Goblin Shredder's armor by 1
    -Reduced Murloc's collision size
    -Increased cost of treasure box to 350 gold/500 lumber

    -Removed the additional % sign in the domination message in -dom mode
    -Fixed typo on the undead builder's description
    -Fixed wrong dps display of catapult's burning ammo
    -Fixed mistakes in the boon tips
    -You no longer get the message "Build additional unit producing structures" when you are out of food
    -Nether drakes no longer got a fake 0AoE splash in their tooltip

    -Caged unit now explode instead of walking through buildings
    -Added a hint to OoL's tooltip that its damage goes through most magic immunity and cannot hit invisible units

    skali keluar lgs 2 versi 1.13 dan 1.13b
    tp gunakan yg terbaru aja yg 1.13b yahhh

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    Next Version :

    Castle Fight v1.14b

    Fixing the mess from v1.14...

    -Tech mode should work like intended now and should not be on by default
    -Assassins are no longer controllable. This was a bug related to the new native functions blizzard included into the patch...
    -Specials should work properly again
    -The game shouldn't lag that fast anymore. This lag was caused by the bugs mentioned before
    -Druid uses its skill properly
    -Energy tower should use chainlightning again
    -Dragon Hawks uses their ability again
    -Chilling Mushroom damage increased by 100. The damage was calculated wrong before
    -Corrupted Ancient of Battle is now Tech Level 0

    -Repriced tech levels (cheaper now)

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    CF buatan rusia : Castle Fight ES versi 1.21a
    source :

    New : Ras Nature!
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