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    Default FLo0pZ' ALL-IN-1 Guide to World of Warcraft: WOTLK

    Version 1.0.1

    First of all, I deeply apologize if you have any trouble reading this guide due to the mixed language. It's a funny habit of mine mixing english/indo so just bear(lol) with me. The information I'm about to explain is intended to be used as a basic guideline for people who are new and are interested in having an enjoyable time playing in the AMPM World of Warcraft online gaming community. Few reasons I made this guide is for my own personal reference, collecting datas bit by bit and inputting them here in my spare time. So with a sense of good will I decided to share this info for use by those who need it. Anyone who finds a mistake in this guide DO contact me via PM and state where and why my information is misleading. Finally, this guide is what it is, a GUIDE. I'm not trying to force my playing style on other people, how you wish to play the game is ENTIRELY up to you. Just remember to have fun and always LOL.

    WOW Related websites yang layaknya anda bookmark (Ctrl-D on Mozilla Browser): // WoW Database // WoW self-help tool // Multiple Guides // for WoW Addons // Official Server Boss Guide
    WoW Looting Guide by Kaliban // guide buat nentuin loot kasih ke sapa dulu

    Other Excellent Threads/Guides by members of the AMPM WoW Community
    WoW 101 for Dummies by Sin-Sin
    WoW Profession Guide by Ilhamyt
    Raid Buff & Debuff List by Dizzy
    3.1.3 Addonlist for AMPM by Schafer
    3.2.2a Addonlist for AMPM by Schafer

    0.1.0 Starts guide
    0.5.0 Collecting Various Data
    0.6.0 Finished Interface Section
    0.6.1 Starts PvE Section
    0.7.0 Finished PvE I-III
    0.7.5 Various Revisions (credit goes to TheOne)
    0.8.0 Added PvE IV (Construct Quarter credit goes to TheOne)
    0.9.0 Added PvE VI
    1.0.0 Released initial guide
    1.0.1 Patch 3.2.2a update: Update naxx Plague Quarter & Frostwyrm quarter.

    A. Basics of Wow
    I. Basic Terms / Chat Message
    II. Choosing Your Race
    III. Choosing your Class
    IV. Choosing your Profession
    V. Journey to 80
    B. WoW Raid - Player vs WTF is That?!? (PvE Section)
    I. Personal Preparation
    1. Gear Check..................................EI_1
    2. Enchant Your Gear.........................EI_2
    3. Socket your Gear...........................EI_3
    4. Full Glyph....................................EI_4
    5. Logistic (Consumables)....................EI_5
    II. Group Preparation
    1. Configuring Raid Composition............EII_1
    2. Raid Buffs...................................EII_2
    III. Raid Start
    1. Konsep Threat.............................EIII_1
    2. Wipeouts...................................EIII_2
    3. Looting Guide..............................EIII_3
    IV. Naxx Guide for Dummies
    1. Arachnid Quarter..........................EIV_1
    2. Construct Quarter........................EIV_2
    3. Undead Quarter...........................EIV_3
    4. Plague Quarter............................EIV_4
    5. Frostwyrm Quarter.......................EIV_5
    V. Malygos/VoA Guide for Dummies..........UNAVAILABLE
    VI. Uldu Guide for Dummies
    1. Siege of Ulduar............................EVI_1
    2. Antechambers.............................UNAVAILAB LE
    3. Keepers of Ulduar.........................UNAVAILABLE
    4. Descent into Madness....................UNAVAILABLE
    5. Celestial Planetarium......................UNAVAILABLE
    VII. ToC Guide for Dummies.................... EVII_1

    C. WoW Alliance vs Horde (PvP Section) Under Construction
    I. Personal Preparation
    1. Gear Check.................................PI_1
    2. Enchant Your Gear........................PI_2
    3. Socket Your Gear..........................PI_3
    4. PvP Glyphs.................................PI_4
    5. Basic PvP Guideline.......................PI_5
    II. Battlegrounds
    1. BG Mechanics..............................PII_1
    2. General Tactics............................PII_2
    3. Arathi Basin (AB)..........................PII_3
    4. Warsong Gulch (WSG)....................PII_4
    5. Alterac Valley (AV).........................PII_5
    6. Eye of Storm (EoS)........................PII_6
    7. Strands of the Ancient (SoA)............PII_7
    8. Wintergrasp(WG).........................PII_8
    III. Arena
    1. Rating Mechanics..........................PIII_1
    2. Myths & Facts..............................PIII_2
    3. Items usable in Arenas....................PIII_3
    4. Finding the right Teammate/Opponent..PIII_4
    5. Pro's Cons of Arena location..............PIII_5
    6. 2v2...........................................PIII _6
    7. 3v3...........................................PIII _7
    8. 5v5...........................................PIII _8

    Untuk langsung loncat ke section yg dituju, anda bisa langsung search (Ctrl-F) key dikanan.
    Ex: untuk Personal Preparation Logistik, search EI_5

    Some people looks at WoW screen and they're baffled by all the chat terms and all the skill buttons and icons that fill the screen. Not to worry, in due time you'll learn the use of those buttons as you level your way to 80. You may not realize but some veteran WoW players feels that even though WoW offer's so many button slots to fill, its just isn't enough. Almost everything can be dragged and dropped into an action button slot, from mounts to items to skills, and for advanced user Macros/Scripts. Let's begin.
    Spoiler untuk I. Basic Terms / Chat Message :

    WoW = World of Warcraft
    GM = Game Master
    PC = Player Character
    NPC = Non-playable Character
    Vanilla = WoW seri pertama, Max char level 60
    TBC = WoW Patch kedua, Max char lvl 70. Tambahan ras Blood elf (satu2nya paladin horde) dan Dranei (satu2nya shaman ally)
    WOTLK = WoW Patch Ke-3, Max char lvl 80
    Cataclysm= WoW Patch Ke-4, Max Char lvl ?. Tambahan ras Goblin untuk Horde dan Worgen untuk Ally (panda kapaaan T_T)

    Standard STATUS CHAT
    BRB = Be Right Back : pergi bentar
    AFK = Away From Keyboard : Ketiduran / lupa lagi maen WoW
    DND = Do Not Disturb : lagi loot boss gak boleh kolusi whisp2 book item
    DC = Disconnect / server down
    UTD = User Time Diff, ketik [.s info] di chat (tanpa [ ]). ada angkanya, makin gede = makin suram

    Standard TRADE CHAT
    WTB = Want To Buy / mo beli
    WTS = Want To Sell / mo jual
    WTT = Want To Trade / mo Barter barang
    JC = Jewelcrafting
    LW = Leatherworking
    BS = Blacksmithing
    WC = Toiletcrafting (gw tau 1 org doank yg punya prof ene)
    GB = sampe skarang gw kagak tau ini singkatan apaan, makna yg gw dapet se: meningkatkan status gear char alt (entah pake honor/rating/level) pake char yang lebih epic. Rada mirip win-trading (I think!?)

    Standard Search chat for GROUP/RAIDS
    LFM = Looking for More < Group nyari orang
    LFG = Looking for Group < Orang nyari group
    DG = Dungeon, lokasi maksimal 5 orang yang masuk
    Raid = instance yang membutuhkan jumlah pemain diatas 5 orang untuk bisa dikuasai
    RG = Raid Guild = Raid yg isinya member 1 guild semua
    PUG = Pick Up Group = Raid yg isinya member cabutan entah dari guild mana / gak punya guild
    PPL = People = sama seperti cari member

    Standard Battleground Chat
    AB = Arathi Basin
    WSG = Warsong Gulch
    AV = Alterac Valley
    EoS = Eye of Storm
    SoA = Strand of Ancients
    WG = Wintergrasp

    RL/Lead = Raid leader = ketua grup / raid. Player yang nentuin kmana Arah + Status raid akan bergerak.
    MT = Main Tank, player yg ditugaskan untuk nerima damage utama dari musuh (a.k.a TB << ampe skr gak tau singkatan paan)
    OT = Off tank, backup nya MT, klo MT sekarat / modar giliran OT yg digamparin
    DPS = Damage Dealers, Player yg ditugaskan mengurangi nyawa musuh
    Healer = Medic / Dokter, Player yg ditugaskan menyembuhkan sesama teman

    TM = Trash Mob, smua NPC musuh slain boss yang aggresif (ngegampar player) didalam 1 instance / raid
    Boss = The big bad mothafucka we're gonna to spank 2 kingdom come
    Adds = Trash Mob yang spawn ketika sedang melawan boss (boss encounter)

    Standard In-Raid Chat

    Pull = Asks the main tank to start Battle
    Hit = When the tank has gained enough initial Threat, DPS team can start blasting away.
    LOS = Line of Sight, Target gak bisa di skill/serang karena posisinya bermasalah, segera pindah tempat/ geser dikit
    OOM = Out of Mana, Jeritan para healer ketika MP mereka sekarat/habis
    CC = Crowd Control, penggunaan disabling skill untuk target2 tertentu. biasanya skill yang memiliki efek: Stun, Slow, Fear, dst. consult your spellbook for details.
    Kite = Taktik dimana Boss dibawa lari berputar2 oleh yang sedang aggro (ditarget oleh boss) karena kondisi tertentu. Best Class: Hunter + Distracting Shot / Druid / Shaman (improved ghostwolf)
    WO = Wipeout, kondisi dimana battle encounter is lost. see section EIII_2 for details

    BL = skill Shaman, Bloodlust
    DI = skill Pally , Divine Intervention
    PS = skill Priest, Pain Suppression
    MD* = SKill Priest, Mass Dispel
    MD* = Skill Hunter, Misdirection
    FD = skill Hunter, Feign Death

    DoT = Damage over Time. semua skill damage yg ada tulisan "deals X damage over Y seconds"
    HoT = Healin over Time. semua skill Healing yg ada tulisan "regenerates X damage over Y seconds"

    *untuk MD biasanya RL raid warn pake class dulu, cth: Hunter MD atau Priest MD biar gak kliru pake skill yg mana.

    II. Choosing Your Race
    Di WoW ada 2 fraksi utama yang saling bermusuhan satu sama lain, yaitu Alliance dan Horde. Setiap ras ada kelebihan kekurangan masing2, dan rata2 memiliki Skill/Spell Racial yang cukup unik dan berguna.
    Spoiler untuk Racial Bonuses :

    [Active Skill]
    Human : Every man for himself (Trinket PvP)
    Dwarf : Stoneform - remove poison, disease, bleed effect and gets +10% armor bonus for 8s
    Gnome : Escape Artist - Escape the effects of immobilization/movement speed effects (stun gak termasuk)
    Night Elf : Shadowmeld - Vanish / Invisibility, diem tapi gak boleh gerak
    Dranei : Gift of Naaru - Heals Target based on SP/AP
    Orc : Blood Fury - Increases attack power for 15 s
    Undead : Will of the Forsaken - remove Fear charm sleep. Cannibalize - makan mayat regen 70% HP slama 10s
    Troll : Berserk - increase haste
    Tauren : War Stomp - 2s Stun area, CD 2 menit
    Blood Elf : Arcane Torrent

    [Passive Skill]
    Human : Increased Stealth Detect, bonus Spirit, Bonus Rep Gain, Sword/Mace Skill bonus
    Dwarf : 2% dodge frost spell, +1% gun crit, Track Treasure, +5 1-2h Mace Expertise
    Gnome : +2% Dodge arcane spell, +15 Engineer Skill, +5% intelligence
    Night Elf : +2% Dodge Nature Spell, Bonus Dodge, Wisp form on death (bonus movespeed)
    Dranei : +2% Dodge Shadow Spell, +5 JC Skill, Aura Hit+1% bonus
    Orc : +5 1-2h Axe Expertise, +5% Pet Damage, Stun duration reduced 15%
    Undead : 2% dodge Shadow Spell, Durasi Breath (nyelem) +233%
    Troll : Bow Specialty
    Tauren : +2% Dodge Nature Spell, +15 Herbalism Skill, +5% Stamina
    Blood Elf : +10 Enchanting Skill

    III. Choosing your Class
    Every class has its strength and weakness. No class is stronger than another, if played by the right hands, each class can be devastatingly powerful in it's own right.
    Spoiler untuk Warriors :

    Possible Race: All except Bloodelf
    Mainhand : all
    Offhand : Shield / Weapon 1-h / weapon 2-h (Fury titan arm talent Requirement)
    Ranged : Gun/Bow/Throwing
    Armor : Mail, Plate on lv 40
    Damage : Physical
    Main Stat : STR, STM

    Protection : Tank. Best all around tanker in WoW
    Fury : DPS Area. Untuk damage area yang stabil dan minor regen bonus (bloodthirst), ini talent yang cocok untuk PvE.
    Arms : DPS Single. Untuk Single target damage. cocok untuk PvP.

    CCs : Thunderclap (slow area), Intimidating Shout (Fear area), Shockwave (Stun area talent Prot)

    Spoiler untuk Death Knights :

    Possible Race: All
    Mainhand : 1/2-hand axe/sword, Polearm
    Offhand : 1-hand axe/sword
    Ranged : Sigils
    armor : Plate
    Damage : Physical, Frost, Shadow
    Main Stat : STR, STM

    Unholy DPS : Shadow Damage
    Frost DPS : Frost Damage
    Blood DPS : focus on Disease and healing

    Unholy Tank: awal WOTLK sangat OP. Setelah di nerf jadi gak guna.
    Frost Tank : Common DK Tank setup
    Blood Tank : Focuses on Lifesteal & Healing

    Spoiler untuk Paladin :

    Possible Race: Human, Dwarf, Dranei, Blood Elf
    Mainhand : 1-2hand Axe/Sword/Mace, Polearm
    Offhand : Shields
    Ranged : Librams
    Armor : Mail, Plate on lv 40
    Damage : Physical, Holy
    Main Stat : STR, INT

    Protection : Tank Area/mob
    Holy : Healer Single Target
    Retribution: Melee DPS

    Spoiler untuk Shaman :

    Possible Race: Dranei, Orc, Troll, Tauren
    Mainhand : Dagger, 1-2hand Mace Axe, Fist, Staff
    Offhand : Shields, 1h Weapons (Enhance Dual Wield Talent requirement)
    Ranged : Totems
    Armor : Leather, Mail on lv 40
    Damage : Physical, Nature, Minor Fire, Minor Frost
    Main Stat : INT, AGI, STR

    Restoration: Healer Area, Support with Raid Wide Totem buffs
    Enhancement: Melee DPS, Support with Raid Wide Totem buffs
    Elemental : Spell DPS, Support with Raid Wide Totem buffs

    Spoiler untuk Hunter :

    Possible Race: Dwarf, Night Elf, Dranei, Orc, Troll, Tauren, Bloodelf
    Mainhand : Daggers, 1-2hand Axe Sword, Fist, Staff, Polearm
    Offhand : Daggers, 1-hand Axe/Sword, Fist
    Ranged : Gun/Bow
    Armor : Leather, Mail on lv 40
    Damage : Physical, Nature, Fire, Minor shadow
    Main Stat : AGI, STM, INT

    Survival : Single Target Phys Dmg, CC's n Trap specialization. Excellent for PvP.
    Marksman : Single/Area Damage. Chimera Shot adds additional effect to stings. Multifungsi
    Beastmaster: Single Target Phys Dmg.

    Spoiler untuk Rogue :

    Possible Race: All Except Tauren & Dranei
    Mainhand : Daggers, 1-hand Sword Mace, Fist
    Offhand : Daggers, 1-hand Sword Mace, Fist
    Ranged : Bow, Throwing
    Armor : Leather
    Damage : Physical, Nature (Poisons)
    Main Stat : AGI, STM

    Subtlety : for better use of invis& other support skills.
    Combat : for sustained damage. cocok untuk PvE
    Assassinate: for burst damage + better poisons. cocok untuk PvP

    Spoiler untuk Druids :

    Possible Race: Night Elf, Tauren
    Mainhand : 1-2hand mace, Staff, Polearm
    Offhand : Offhand Frills (books/tomes/etc)
    Ranged : Idols
    Armor : Leather
    Damage : Physical, Nature
    Main Stat : AGI, SPI, STM

    Restoration: Healer. Best all around healer in WoW
    Feral : Tank / Phys DPS. Massive stamina and armor boost on Bearform.
    Balance : SPell DPS.

    Spoiler untuk Mage :

    Possible Race: Human, Gnome, Dranei, Undead, Troll, Blood Elf
    Mainhand : 1-hand dagger sword
    Offhand : Offhand Frills (books/tomes/etc)
    Ranged : Wand
    Armor : Cloth
    Damage : Arcane, Fire, Frost
    Main Stat : INT

    Frost : Mainly PvP
    Fire : mainly PvE
    Arcane : for PvE/PvP good for both

    Spoiler untuk Warlock :

    Possible Race: Human, Gnome, Orc, Undead, Blood Elf
    Mainhand :
    Offhand :
    Ranged : Wand
    Armor : Cloth
    Damage : Shadow, Fire
    Main Stat : INT

    Destruction : PvE/PvP
    Demonology : PvE
    Affliction : for PvP

    Spoiler untuk Priest :

    Possible Race: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Dranei, Undead, Troll, Blood Elf
    Mainhand : 1h dagger/sword/mace, staff
    Offhand : Offhand Frills (books/tomes/etc)
    Ranged : Wand
    Armor : Cloth
    Damage : SHadow, Holy, Minor Fire
    Main Stat : SPI, INT

    Shadow : PvE/PvP
    Holy : PvE
    Discipline : PvE/PvP

    IV. Choosing your Profession
    One of the main sources of finding gold in WoW is professions. There are many to choose from, each has it's own benefits and special items/enchantments exclusive to that line of work.
    Spoiler untuk Main Profession :

    These are the main professions that is used to cr8 items and enchantments

    Blacksmithing : creates Weapons, MAIL armor, and high-end PLATE armor
    Leatherworking: creates high-end LEATHER/MAIL armor
    Tailoring : creates CLOTHS
    Jewelcrafting : creates AMULETS, RINGS, and TRINKETS
    Alchemy : creates POTIONS, ELIXIRS, and FLASKS. Alchemist TRINKETS boost HEALTH/MANA potions by 40% (gak jalan bo lol)
    Inscription : creates GLYPHS, SCROLLS, and OFFHAND FRILLS
    Engineering* : creates GOGGLES(helms), GUNS, TRINKETS.

    *Blacksmiths with 400 skill can socket their own WRIST and HAND gear, exclusive for BS
    *Leatherworkers with 400 skill can ENCHANT their own WRIST gear, exclusive for LW
    *Tailors with 400 skill can ENCHANT their BACK gear, Exclusive for Tailors
    *Jewelcrafting can craft and use up to 3 Special GEMS. Dragon's Eye Gems are prismatic, and are STRONGER than regular gems.
    *Alchemists gets BONUS EFFECTS (double) when using potions that THEY CAN CREATE. (gak jalan di AMPM lol)
    *Inscriptors can ENCHANT their SHOULDER gear, Exclusive for Inscripts
    *Engineers can ENCHANT their HELMS, BACKS, GLOVES, BELT, and BOOTS for extra special effects

    *JCs, Alchems, Engineers can cr8 special trinkets which only they can use

    *Engineers is used for creating FUN items such as toy cars, teleporting tools, mailboxes, Repair-robots, Rocket-boots, Rocket Launchers, Bombs, Mind-controling Helmets, Binocular Belts, PARACHUTES, and other items with special effects. high-end Engineers can also cr8 MOTORCYCLES & HELICOPTERS. Proceed with utmost CAUTION.

    Spoiler untuk Support Professions :

    These are the professions used in procuring raw materials used by main professions
    Mining* : Used for gathering Ores and Metals that is needed by BS, JC, EN
    Skinning* : Used for gathering Leather and Hides of Animals needed by LW
    Enchanting : Destroys a magic item for dusts/essences used by TAILORS for high-end cloths
    Herbalism* : Gathers PLANTS around the world for ALCHEMY and can also be milled for INSCRIPTION

    *Mining also gets bonus STAMINA
    *Skinning gets a bonus CRITICAL STRIKE rating
    *Herbalism gets LIFEBLOOD a skill that can be used to SELF-HEAL

    You have maximum of 2 profession to choose from, it can be a mix of Main+support/Both main/Both Support. It's your choice.
    For a guide on how to skill-up your profession, visit WoW Profession Guide by Ilhamyt

    Spoiler untuk 2nd-ary Profession :

    These can be learned by all classes and have no limit
    a. First Aid
    Creates bandages and Anti-Poisons
    75 : learn in any town
    150: learn in any town
    225: BELI BOOK in BRACKENWALL VILLAGE, DUSTWALLOW MARSH for HORDE. Stormgarde keep Arathi Highland for Alliance
    300: Jalanin Quest in HAMMERFALL, ARATHI HIGHLAND for HORDE. jalanin Quest di THERAMORE, Dustwallow Marsh for ally
    375: BELI BOOK in FALCON WATCH, HELLFIRE PENINSULA for HORDE. Temple of TELHAMAT, Hellfire Peninsula for Alliance
    450: learn from northrend 1st-aid trainer

    First Aid is great for Battlegrounds and emergencies when fast healing is needed

    b. Cooking
    Cooks Meat and Fishes gathered from Fishing and killing monsters
    skill lv 75-450 can be learned from trainers, though how you skillup is up to you.
    Cooking gives great WELL FED buffs that has BOOSTS your STATS and other SPECIAL EFFECTS

    c. Fishing
    Gathers Fishes from around the world

    Special Fishes used by ALCHEMISTS
    - Oily Blackmouth : Used for Swim Speed Potions, Free Action Potion (Paladin Blessing of Freedom)
    - Stonescale Eel : Used for Flask of Petrification (Paladin Divine Intervention)
    - Glassfin Winow : Used for Ethereal Oil, which can be turned to Water Walking Potion
    - Pygmy Suckerfish: Used for GURU'S ELIXIR (+20 all stat), and POTION OF WILD MAGIC (bonus CRT+HST for 15 seconds)

    Special Food from COOKING
    - Electric Eel : Used for STORMCHOPS (Shaman Lightning Shield)
    - Deviate Fish : Used to Change your Character Model to a Syndicate Rogue

    FISHING may yield materials or scrolls that is used by other professions

    d. RIDING
    Skill Level.................Riding Skill...Mount Type...Speed.....Cost.....Level..Mount Cost
    Apprentice Riding......75 Riding.....Land.............60%........4G.......30 ......1G
    Journeyman Riding....150 Riding...Epic Ground...100%......50G......60......10G
    Expert Riding............225 Riding...Flying............100%......250G....70... ...50G
    Artisan Riding...........300 Riding...Epic Flying.....280%++..5000G...70.....100G
    Cold Weather Flying..225 Riding...Northrend......~~~.......1000G...77...... ~

    Costs of mounts vary, from free to upwards of 16 thousand gold. Expensive Mounts are totally a money sink and is only for those people intent on gaining achievements (AND STYLE a.k.a PAMER OF COURSE!!)

    e. Archaeology
    Available in Cataclysm. Allows you to prospect unknown items for benefits. Minor details as of now

    V. JOURNEY to lvl 80
    The one thing you need is an addon called CARTOGRAPHER and QUESTHELPER or just CARBONITE. Whichever you choose is your own taste. You may also skill-up your profession as you go along levelling your char (which is what I do), so you don't have to go back and re-do it once you've reached 80.

    Spoiler untuk Q&A :

    Q: Ada Dungeon gak dibawah lv 80?!
    A: YES!! almost every zone in WoW has an INSTANCE!! you don't have to be lv 70 / 80 to explore these places!

    Q: Equipnya gimana? Bagus gak!?
    A: YES!! though stat wise, of course higher lvl gear gives better ones. BUT, some bosses offer UNIQUE ITEMS that has SPECIAL EFFECTS that NO OTHER ITEM HAS (one of my favorite, C'thun's trinket... 10-tacle Hen-tie any-1? LOL!!!). Not to mention the unique MOUNTS and COOL-LOOKING WEAPONS available.

    Q: Bisa leveling di dungeon!?
    A: YES!! AMPM has a massive XP BOOST and thus you can gain levels from JUST RAIDING INSTANCES. It does take a long time though, for exp in these instances are toned down by blizzard to support TWINK groups trying to find better gear

    Q: TWINK!? Naon eta piye iku apaan tuh!?
    A: Twinks are a group of people dedicated to a battleground bracket and thus stop leveling on PURPOSE in order to gain superiority in that bracket group. Twinks require special gears and items, and is considered an advanced level of gameplay in WoW (read: NIAT ABIS)

    Q: wah kyknya asik tuh... tapi mati molo gw!! cara survive gmn?!
    A: yaa... mestinya si hajar instance sambil ngegrup, tapi ente diluar instancenya biar gak dapet XP (mestinya ada opsi buat matiin XP gain, gak tau jalan / kagak. BG twink seru lhooo... biar lebih enak pake doping potion + bandage buat survival
    Spoiler untuk Healing Potion :

    1. minor healing potion----- 70-90 HP, lv 1
    2. lesser healing potion---- 140-180 HP, lv 3
    3. healing potion ---------- 280-360 HP, lv 12
    4. greater healing potion--- 455-585 HP, lv 21
    5. superior healing potion-- 700-900 HP, lv 35
    6. major healing potion----- 1050-1750 HP, lv 45
    7. super healing potion----- 1500-2500 HP, lv 55
    8. runic healing potion----- 2700-4500 HP, lv 70
    9. Mythical Healing potion-- 18900-23100 HP, lv 80

    1. Alchemy (1) peacebloom + silverleaf
    2. Alchemy (55) minor healing potion + briarthorn
    3. Alchemy (110) Bruiseweed + Briarthorn
    4. Alchemy (155) Liferoot + Kingsblood
    5. Alchemy (215) Sungrass + Khadgar's Whisker
    6. Alchemy (275) Golden Sansam (x2) + Mountain Silversage
    7. Alchemy (325) Netherbloom (x2) + Felweed
    8. Alchemy (405) Icethorn (x2) + Goldclover
    9. Alchemy (495) Volatile Life + Twilight Jasmine (x2)

    Spoiler untuk Mana Potion :

    1. Minor mana potion-------- 140-180 MP, Lv 5
    2. Lesser Mana Potion------- 280-360 MP, Lv 14
    3. Mana Potion-------------- 455-585 MP, Lv 22
    4. Greater Mana Potion------ 700-900 MP, Lv 31
    5. Superior Mana Potion----- 900-1500 MP, Lv 41
    6. Major Mana Potion-------- 1350-2250 MP, Lv 49
    7. Super Mana Potion-------- 1800-3000 MP, Lv 55
    8. Runic Mana Potion-------- 4200-4400 MP, Lv 70
    9. Mythical Mana Potion ---- 9250-10750 MP, Lv 80

    1. Alchemy (25) Mageroyal + Silverleaf
    2. Alchemy (120) Mageroyal + Stranglekelp
    3. Alchemy (160) Stranglekelp + Kingsblood
    4. Alchemy (205) Khadgar's Whisker + Goldthorn
    5. Alchemy (260) Sungrass (x2) + Blindweed (x2)
    6. Alchemy (295) Dreamfoil (x3) + Icecap (x2)
    7. Alchemy (340) Dreaming Glory (x2) + Felweed
    8. Alchemy (410) Lichbloom (x2) + Goldclover
    9. Alchemy (485) Cinderbloom + Whiptail (x2)

    Spoiler untuk BANDAGES :

    1. Linen Bandage -------------- 66 /6 sec (11 hp/s)
    2. Heavy Linen Bandage -------- 114 /6 sec (19 hp/s)
    3. Wool Bandage --------------- 161 /7 sec (23 hp/s)
    4. Heavy Wool Bandage --------- 301 /7 sec (43 hp/s)
    5. Silk Bandage --------------- 400 /8 sec (50 hp/s)
    6. Heavy Silk Bandage --------- 640 /8 sec (80 hp/s)
    7. Mageweave Bandage ---------- 800 /8 sec (100 hp/s)
    8. Heavy Mageweave Bandage ---- 1104 /8 sec (138 hp/s)
    9. Runecloth Bandage ---------- 1360 /8 sec (170 hp/s)
    10. Heavy Runecloth Bandage ---- 2000 /8 sec (250 hp/s)
    11. Netherweave Bandage -------- 2800 /8 sec (350 hp/s)
    12. Heavy Netherweave Bandage -- 3400 /8 sec (425 hp/s)
    13. Frostweave Bandage --------- 4800 /8 sec (600 hp/s)
    14. Heavy Frostweave Bandage --- 5800 /8 sec (725 hp/s)
    15. Embersilk Bandage ---------- 17400 /8 sec (2175 hp/s)
    16. Heavy Embersilk Bandage ---- 26000 /8 sec (3250 hp/s)
    17. Dense Embersilk Bandage ---- 35000 /8 sec (4375 hp/s)

    1. First Aid (1) Linen Cloth
    2. First Aid (40) Linen Cloth (x2)
    3. First Aid (80) Wool Cloth
    4. First Aid (115) Wool Cloth (x2)
    5. First Aid (150) Silk Cloth
    6. First Aid (180) Silk Cloth (x2)
    7. First Aid (210) Mageweave Cloth
    8. First Aid (240) Mageweave Cloth (x2)
    9. First Aid (260) Runecloth
    10. First Aid (290) Runecloth (x2)
    11. First Aid (300) Netherweave Cloth
    12. First Aid (330) Netherweave Cloth (x2)
    13. First Aid (350) Frostweave Cloth
    14. First Aid (400) Frostweave Cloth (x2)
    15. First Aid (425) Embersilk Cloth
    16. First Aid (475) Embersilk Cloth (x2)
    17. First Aid (525) Embersilk Cloth (x3) -or- Heavy Embersilk Bandage (x2)

    Q: BG Bracket? jelaskan dunx!!?
    A: A bracket is a group used to determine which BG battle you enter depending on your level. Its divided into 8 groups, each ranging from 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80. So IT'S NOT REALLY CHEATING IF SOMEONE HAS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HONOR EVEN IF THEY'RE NOT LVL 80 YET.

    Q: Honor 100k sebelum lv 80!? Cheat tuh pasti!! eh bner gak?!?
    A: Because AMPM has a low number of players, and only a handful are twinks (less than 15 that I know of, pindahan offi smua), so it's less likely that someone has that massive honor from Twink BGs. 1 more thing, win-trading system in AMPM is totally messed up, killing the same person over and over has no DIMINISHING HONOR. So you can just hide somewhere with your ally/horde buddy and kill each other over and over LOL. I don't advise this practice though, for real enemies rarely sit still and let you spank them like bitches. If you want to train for some REAL PvP action, try doing QUESTS in a CONTESTED territory so you have a HIGHER CHANCE of stumbling upon that opposing force (world pvp is always FUN). Don't forget to /hug /love /kiss once you killed him/her for an achievement lol.

    Q: Okay, I'll try to run some instances, what about my group formation!?
    A: basic 5-man dungeon runs usually require:
    1 tank
    2 healer
    2 DPS
    or if you need 2 tanks for an encounter, try to find a druid. They can dual-talent Feral Tank AND restoration.
    You can learn the basic of raiding in these low level instances, so you'd have a higher chance of survival once raiding epic lvl 60-70-80 instances.

    Q: Mana yang lebih cepat, leveling SOLO ato GRUP?!
    A: Due to the massive XP bonus offered by QUESTS in AMPM, it's better to level in GROUPS. Why? you'll finish quests faster, have a higher survival rate, and besides this is an ONLINE GAME!! you wanna play SOLO go back n turn on your PLAYSTATION or sumthin lol. Quit bein' such an introvert and CHAT DAMNIT!!!

    Q: Waktu tercepat leveling dari 1-80?!
    A: my personal record is about 90 hours of playtime (ketik /played pas 80), WHILE DOING PROFESSIONS. Just power leveling from 1-80 without doing profs / special Quests takes about 60-70 hours. I'm not sure about others though (ampon bet).

    Q: OK! now I've reached lvl 80!! now what!?
    A: read on to the next section lol.

    B. WoW RAID - Player vs WTF is That?!?

    Of all the features of online games that exists, Wow Raids are always on top of the charts for the level of difficulty, teamwork, and dedication that is involved. One of the few positive things that Blizzard offers in WoW is the massive number of realistic calculations and mechanics that are implemented in each and every encounter, thus forcing wow gamers to play SMARTER instead of HARDER (unlike 90% of other games in which higher damage = WIN). Who's the smart guy now huh?


    I. GEAR CHECK (EI_1)

    Raid Minimal Rare (biru). Ada Gear Uncommon (ijo) = suram
    mau enak 60% sukses? full epic(ungu).

    Q: lho kok gak 100% sukses klo full epic?
    A: karena slalu ada faktor hoki + lag AMPM Style << kek lu gak tau aje lol

    aslinya tuh rare = dungeon, epic = raid
    maen offi mau raid gear uncommon diktawain luw

    General Item Levels
    187 = Dungeons, Professions
    200 = Heroic Dungeons, Professions, naxx normal
    213 = Naxx Hero
    219 = Uldu Normal
    226 = Uldu Hero

    Item lvl 200++ rata2 Epic (sebelum ICC). 187 = rare, dan dibawah itu mau raid = nyari mati.

    Untuk raid, role tank disarankan full epic sebelum menyentuh raid manapun.

    Q: akhirnya lv 80!!, nyari gear dari mana?
    A: gak raid tapi full epic? BISA KOK!! ada 3 cara:

    Spoiler untuk Gear Locations :

    Spoiler untuk a. Profession :

    Prof Based
    EN Only : Helm, Trinket
    EN (tradeable) : gun
    JC Only : Trinket
    JC (tradeable) : Necklace/amulet + Ring
    Alchem Only : Trinket
    BS (tradeable) : Plate (Warr, DK, Pally), Weapons
    LW (tradeable) : Mail (Hunter, Shaman) + Leather (Rogue, Druid)
    Tailor : Cloth (Mage, Warlock, Priest)
    Inscript (Tradeable) : Offhand Spell, Trinket**

    Slot Based
    Head : BS/LW/Tailor
    Neck : JC
    SHoulder : BS/LW/Tailor
    Back : LW/Tailor
    Chest : BS/LW/Tailor
    Wrist : BS/LW/Tailor
    Hands : BS/LW/Tailor
    Belt : BS/LW/Tailor
    Legs : BS/LW/Tailor
    Feet : BS/LW/Tailor
    Ring : JC
    Trinket : JC, EN, AL
    Weapon : BS
    Shield : BS
    Offhand : Inscript
    Ranged : BS(gun)

    Untuk Trinket, slain Darkmoon Card produksi Inscription, semuanya Exclusive untuk Prof Tersebut

    **Trinket inscript berasal dari kartu2 yang digabungkan menjadi Darkmoon Deck. Deck tersebut ditukar ke NPC Darkmoon yang akan spawn selama seminggu, sebulan sekali. Selain kartu WoTLK, bos/mob tertentu juga memiliki kartu tersebut, so explore!!

    Spoiler untuk Daftar Darkmoon Deck :

    TIPE EFEK Proc
    POC : Proc on Cast.........Ketika anda Men-cast suatu spell
    POD : Proc on Damage...Ketika anda Deal damage
    PoH : Proc on Heal.........Ketika anda Men-Heal damage
    POK : Proc on Kill...........Ketika anda Membunuh Target
    PWH : Proc when Hit......Ketika anda Terkena damage
    PWD : Proc when Die.....Ketika anda Terbunuh

    Proc -> Kondisi untuk mengaktifkan efek spesial item

    Nobles : Greatness : +90 stat, POD +300 stat char tertinggi (jika anda warrior +300 STR)
    Chaos : Berserker : POD/PWH +35 crit/resillience. stack 3 times (105 crit resil)
    Undeath : Death : POD 1700-2400 Shadow Damage on damage (DoT termasuk)
    Prism : Illusion : +100 Spellpower, On Use absorb 400dmg shield, +1200MP kalo shieldnya ancur/dispel

    TBC (lvl 70)
    Storms : Wrath : +17 CRT rating each hit until physical/spell critical strike occurs
    Furies : Vengeance : +51 STM, PWH 10% chance dealing 95-115 holy dmg on attacker
    Lunacy : Madness : +51 STM, POK various effects see for details
    Blessing : Crusade : POD adds 6 AP each hit, stack 20 times -or- 8 SP each hit, stacks 10 times

    Vanilla (lvl 60)
    Beast Deck : Blue Dragon : POC 2% chance 100% MP regen while casting for 15 seconds
    Warlords : Heroism : POD 2% chance to HEAL SELF for 120-180 dmg
    Elemental : Maelstrom : POD 2% chance on dealing 300-400 NATURE dmge on target
    Portals : Twisting Nether : PWD 2% chance of resurrection (mirip reincar shaman/soulstone warlock)

    Spoiler untuk b. Reputation :

    FACTION..................................Quarterma ster Location
    KEB : Knights of the Ebon Blade..Icecrown
    ARC : Argent Crusade...............Icecrown
    WRA : Wyrmrest Accord...........Dragonblight
    KRT : Kirin Tor.........................Dalaran
    SOH : Sons of Hodir..................StormPeak
    KLK : The Kalu'ak......................Dragonblight, Howling Fjord
    FHT : Frenzyheart Tribe............Sholazar Basin
    TOR : The Oracle.....................Sholazar basin
    HRD : Horde Expedition.............Borean Tundra
    ALL : Alliance Vanguards..........Borean Tundra

    *(E) = Epic
    *(R) = Rare

    Plate Phys : Chest KLK(R), Feet KEB (E), Head ARC (R), Legs WRA (E), Bahu SOH (R)
    Plate Tank : Chest WRA(R), Feet WRA (R), Hand KRT (E), Legs ARC (R), Bahu TOR (R)
    Plate Spell : Hands FHT(R), ARC Head (E), Legs FHT(R)/ARC(R), Belt KRT (R), Wrist WRA (R)
    Mail Phys : Chest ARC(E)/KLK(R), Feet KRT(E), Head TOR(R), Bahu KEB (R), Belt SOH(R)
    Mail Spell : Chest KLK(R), WRA Hands(E), Head ARC(R), KEB Legs(E)/FHT(R),
    Leather Phys : Chest KEB(E)/KLK(R), Feet ARC (E), Legs KRT(R)/FHT(R), Bahu SOH(R), Belt TOR(R), Wrist WRA(E)
    Leather Spell : Chest KLK(R), Head KRT(R), Legs SOH(R), Belt KRT(E), Wrist KEB(R)
    Cloth Spell : Chest KRT(E)/KLK(R), Boots WRA(E), Hands KEB(R), Belt KEB (E)/TOR(R)/WRA(R), WRA Wrist (R)

    Cloak Tank : WRA (R)
    Cloak Phys : ARC (R)
    Cloak Spell : KRT/KEB(R)
    offhand Frill : HRD/ALL
    Shields : HRD/ALL
    Ring Spell : ARC (E)

    Dagger : SOH
    1h-Sword : KEB
    1h-Axe : SOH
    2h-Sword : KEB
    2h-Mace : ARC
    Staff : KRT
    Bow : HRD
    Gun : ARC

    Dagger : KRT (Hit Crit)
    1h-Mace : WRA (Haste Crit)

    IDOL/Sigil/Totem/Libram bisa dibeli di GRIZZLY HILLS koor (13.9 86.3), npc VENTURE CO. (quest dulu)

    Dalaran Ring : Ring ini selain memiliki stat yang bagus, juga mempunyai kemampuan untuk teleport ke dalaran. Jadi anda bisa tele ke dalaran 2x jika hearthstone anda di save di dalaran, atau ke-2 tempat berbeda jika hearthstone anda save di tempat lain. Sayangnya, ring ini dijual seharga 8500 gold tapi bisa turun seiring dengan reputasi Kirin Tor anda. Ring ini bisa diupgrade dengan tambahan Gold terus hingga patch 3.3 nanti. Salah satu investasi terbaik (money sink is more like it lol) WoTLK yang dapat anda miliki.

    Spoiler untuk c. Dungeon Heroic / World Drops :

    Gear Epic(ungu) didapat dari bos terakhir heroic mode suatu dungeon. Ilvl=200

    Dungeon Heroics
    Uth. Pinnacle...Semuanya jalan kcuali skadi (ga bisa di click
    Uth. Keep........Jalan semua seinget gw, ingvar mo phase 2 nongol valkyr jgn di getok (klo digetok mesti reset)
    Azjol Nerub.....JALAN SEMUA
    Ahnkahet........JALAN SEMUA kcuali secret boss (gak spawn walaupun dah hero)
    Gundrak..........JALAN SEMUA kcuali secret boss (gak spawn walaupun dah hero)
    Nexus.............Boss pertama doank (masuk pintu belok kiri)
    Oculus............Boss pertama doank (loot cpet ada momon invis getok2, disarankan Group Loot)
    Draktharon.....boss pertama jalan, ke-2 (lich) eror, ke-3 (klelawar) eror, ke-4 Dino jalan, last boss KAGAK SPAWN
    Violet Hold......ERROR
    Hall Stone.......Katanya sih jalan, belon gw test
    Hall Lightning...Katanya sih jalan, belon gw test
    ICC.................NGAREP MODE ON

    World Drop
    ring DPS Phys. - Signet of Edward the Odd
    trinket healer.. - Jetze bell (upgradenya Memento of Tyrande TBc)
    trinket DPS..... - Tears of Bitter Anguish (upgradenya Dragonspine Trophy TBC)
    Shoulder Tank - Wapach' Shoulder of Solidarity (CMIIW)

    dan masih banyak yg lainnya. cek WoWhead for interesting Facts.

    Gear enchant BERPENGARUH. perbedaan full enchant dengan NON enchant kira2 15-30% output, jadi jangan disepelekan.

    Spoiler untuk Where to Get Enchantments :

    Head Tank : Argent Crusade -or- Engineer Tinker* (blon ada)
    Head Phys : Ebon Blade
    Head Spell : Kirin Tor
    Shoulder : Son of Hodir -or- Inscription*
    Back : Tailor Embroider* -or- Engineer Tinker* (parasut) -or- Enchanting
    Chest : Enchanting
    Bracer : BS Socket*, (LW Lining* - or - Enchanting)
    Gloves : BS Socket*, (Engineer Tinker* (+350 haste) -or- Enchanting)
    Belt : Eternal Belt Buckle (BS)
    Legs Caster : Tailor
    Legs Phys : LW
    Boots : Tinker Engin* (rocket) / Enchanting
    Weapon : Enchanting
    Ring : Enchanting*

    * Means that profession has a special enchantment for that current item slot, dan cuma char yg memiliki prof tersebut yang bisa memakai equip yang dienchant dengan enchant tersebut.

    III. SOCKET YOUR GEAR (colok gem) (EI_3)
    Gemming adds that 10-15% of the stats needed to reach cap's of your current role. if you're DPS, gemming HIT can increase your DPS output from 20-30% (due to more hits which in turn increases CRITZ)

    Spoiler untuk MY preferred Gear/Gem Priority (klo mo beda terserah seleralu kek gmn) :

    AP = Attack Power = Gem merah
    SP = Spell Power = Gem merah
    STR = Strength = Gem merah
    AGI = Agility = Gem merah
    INT = Intelligence = Gem kuning
    STM = Stamina = Gem biru
    SPI = Spirit = Gem biru
    DEF = Defense = Gem kuning
    DOD = Dodge = Gem merah
    PAR = Parry = Gem merah
    HST = Haste = Gem kuning
    HIT = Hit rating = Gem kuning
    CRT = Critical = Gem kuning
    ArP = Armor Penet. = Gem merah
    SPT = Spell Penet. = Gem biru

    STR DPS : Hit -> STR/AP -> HST/CRT
    Tank Warrior : Def -> PAR / STM -> STR
    Tank Pally : Def -> DOD / PAR -> STM
    Tank DK : Def -> DOD / STM -> STR
    Pally Resto : SP -> INT -> Haste -> Crit
    Hunter BM : Hit -> AP -> CRT/HST
    Hunter MM : Hit -> AGI -> CRT/HST
    Hunter Surv* : Hit -> AGI -> HST -> SP
    Shaman Enhance : Hit -> AGI/AP -> CRT
    Shaman Ele : Hit -> SP -> HST -> CRT
    Shaman Resto : SP -> HST -> CRT
    Rogue : Hit -> AGI / AP -> CRT/HST
    Druid Feral Tank: DOD -> STM -> AGI
    Druid Feral DPS : Hit -> AGI / AP -> CRT
    Druid Resto : SP -> SPI -> CRT/INT
    Druid Caster : Hit -> SP -> HST/CRT
    Mage : Hit -> SP -> HST -> CRT
    Warlock : Hit -> SP -> CRT -> HST
    Priest Shadow : Hit -> SP -> SPI -> Crt
    Priest Resto : SP -> SPI -> CRT/HST

    *Surv Hunter dual-wield 1-hand spellpower = PvP, utk PvE akan lebih berguna yang AGI/AP Based

    Intinya klo role DPS usahakan HIT CAP (rata2 +8%), terutama yang DUAL-WIELD (Rogue, Warrior Fury, Shaman Enhance) itu lebih besar (14% seinget gw), baru isi yg lain. Mau damage sejuta kalo *miss* percuma kan?

    Untuk role tank, usahakan Defense Cap (540 normal, 560 heroic, 560++ uldu), dan Expertise Cap (lupa kalkulasinya), sisanya baru isi dodge/parry/block.

    Status Armor Penetration + Spell Penetration masih rada bug jadi gak gw masukin.

    VI. FULL GLYPH (blom lengkap) (EI_4)
    Glyph configuration sangat bergantung dari skill rotation/usage jadi sesuaikan saja dengan yang dibutuhkan.

    Prioritas Glyph itu:
    1. Nurunin Cooldown Skill
    2. Nambah damage / Heal skill
    3. Skill ada Efek Bonus
    4. Sisanya

    kadang glyph yg ada efek bonusnya lebih baik dari pada yang glyph lain yang nurunin cooldown,
    ex1: [glyph of chain heal]
    ex2: [glyph of blocking]

    Terkadang glyph2 yang menurunkan cooldown (ex:glyph of Chimera Shot) bisa mengacaukan rotasi skill anda, maka
    sekali lagi silahkan konfigurasi glyph sesuai dengan penggunaan character anda.

    Spoiler untuk Recommended PvE Glyphs :

    Warr Prot : Shockwave, Blocking, Last Stand, Command, Thunderclap, Mocking Blow
    Warr Fury : Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, Execute, Battle, Bloodrage, Charge
    Warr Arms : Bladestorm, Overpower, Execute, Battle, Bloodrage, Charge
    DK Unholy : Obliterate, Plague Strike, Dark Death, Horn winter, Pestilen, Raise Dead
    DK Blood DPS : Obliterate, Death Strike, Dark Death, Horn winter, Pestilen, Raise Dead
    DK Frost DPS : Obliterate, Frost Strike, dark Death, Horn winter, Pestilen, Raise Dead
    DK Blood Tank : Death n Decay, Icebound Fortitude, Rune Tap
    DK Frost Tank : Death n Decay, Icebound Fortitude, Unbreakable Armor
    Paladin Retri : Judgement, Exorcism, Crusader Strike
    Paladin Resto : Holy Light, Flash of Light, Seal of Light
    Paladin Tank : Spiritual Attunement, Avenger's Shield, Shield of Righteousness
    Shaman Ele : Flametongue, Lightning Bolt, Flame Shock
    Shaman Resto : Earthliving, Chain Heal, Earth Shield
    Shaman Enhance : Windfury, Stormstrike, Flame Shock
    Hunter BM : Bestial Wrath, Steady Shot, Serpent Sting
    Hunter MM : Chimera Shot, Steady Shot, Serpent Sting
    Hunter SV : Explosive Shot, Kill Shot, Aimed Shot
    Rogue Asnet : Hunger for Blood, Mutilate, Rupture
    Rogue Combat : Sinister Strike, Eviscerate, Slice n Dice
    Rogue Subtlety : Hemorrage, Fan of Knives
    Rogue Tumbalety: Cloak of Shadow, Evasion, Sprint
    Druid Feral :
    Druid Tank :
    Druid Resto :
    Druid Balance :
    Mage Arcane : Arcane Blast, Arcane Missiles, Molten Armor
    Mage Frost : Frostbolt, Eternal Water, Molten Armor
    Mage Fire : Living Bomb, Frostfire Bolt, Scorch
    Warlock Demo :
    Warlock Affli :
    Warlock Destro : Chaos Bolt, Immolate, Incinerate / Conflagrate
    Priest Shadow : Mindflay, Shadow, Death
    Priest Holy : Circle of Healing, Prayer of Healing, Renew
    Priest Disc : Penance, Prayer of Healing, Renew

    V. PERSONAL LOGISTIK CHECK (consumables) (EI_5)
    Consumables, when used adds additional (sometimes EXTREMELY needed) BUFFS that adds more power to your character

    Spoiler untuk Standard lists of Raid Consumables :

    Inscript : Scroll Stat VIII, bawa sesuai class lo
    Alchemy : Battle + Guard elixirs / Flasks
    Well Fed : Fish Feast / other food with northern spice requirements

    LW only* : Drums the drums the drums the drums... OH!! (lol tingting)
    untuk WOTLK ada 2 drums: Drums of Forgotten Kings (king paladin) sama Drums of Wild (Wild druid).
    selain itu ada drums2 lain spt : Drums of Battle (+60 haste rating ke 1 RAID), Drums of WAR (+AP/SP ke satu raid)

    Special Herbalism Buffs (shared CD)
    Item Name Effect
    Nightmare Seed : +2k HP for 20 seconds (tanks)
    Flame Cap : +80 Fire spell Dmg (fire mage, Destrolock, sv hunter , Shaman Enhance)

    POTIONS (once every IC, Shared CD)
    ROLE Which to Use
    DPS Physical : Potion of Speed (+500 haste 15 sec)
    DPS Caster : Potion of Wild Magic (+SP,+Crit 15 sec)
    Healer : Mana potions
    TANKS : Indestructible Potion / Healing Potions
    Special case : elemental absorb potions (major fire protection potion, etc)
    Spoiler untuk Potion Trick :

    If your class can get out of combat (lepas IC) on command, ex:
    Hunter : Feign Death
    Rogue : Vanish
    the potion starts cooldown (dan bisa dipake lg 2 menit kmudian)

    Last but certainly not least : Reagents. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KLO RAID JGN LUPA BAWA REAGENTS


    Group composition are extremely important. You'll always need a mixture of classes of DPS/Healers/Tanks needed to complete raids. Some encounters require specific raid composition/talents, i'll just list a few GENERAL talenting/role list

    Spoiler untuk Expected Raid Talent Specification :

    Class...........DUal Talent Spec..........Optimum role in raid
    Warrior.....: Tank.....+ MaxDPS*......Tank
    DK............: MaxDPS + Tank............DPS
    Paladin.....: Resto.... + Tank*..........Healer
    Shaman...: Resto*... + Enhance.......Healer
    Hunter.....: MaxDPS.. + MM*............DPS
    Rogue......: MaxDPS........................DPS
    Druid.......: Resto* + Tank...............Healer
    Mage.......: MaxDPS + Arcane*........DPS
    Warlock...: MaxDPS + Demon*........DPS
    Priest.......: Resto* + Shadow..........Healer

    *MaxDPS = talent yg bikin output dps lo maximal berdasarkan gear + rotation favorit

    *Warrior DPS : Fury = Boss w/ Adds (ex:Gothik naxx). Arms = Single Target (high threat jadi ati2)
    *Paladin Tanks : Best on mobs, multiple targets/adds
    *Shaman Resto : Chain heals for bosses with area damage skills
    *Hunter MM : Trueshot buff, Volley jadi BERGUNA, kongkalikong aja antar hunter se-raid
    *Druids Resto : HoT druids are the best in the game, period.
    *WL Demonology : "YOU ARE NOT PREPAAREEEDDD!!!" rofl
    *Resto Priest : Disc utk Single target Healing, Holy utk Area Healing.

    Urutan Prioritas Talent: Tank/Heal > DPS
    Hanya 4 class yang bisa tank
    Hanya 4 class yang bisa heal
    Semua class bisa DPS

    if your class can Tank + DPS, you should try2be a tank first, and switch to DPS if there are enough tanks.
    if your class can Heal + DPS, You should try2be a healer 1st, and switch to DPS if there are enough healers.
    if your class can Tank + Heal + DPS, you should try2be tank/healer 1st, and DPS if there are enough of both.

    When choosing a gear to loot, prioritize the talent in which only YOUR class can do


    TANK........1 enemy....>1 enemies....Vs.SpellDmg......Vs.PhysDmg
    Warrior.....Excellent....Good.............Good.... .............Good
    Paladin......good.........Excellent........Average ............Average
    DK............good..........Good.............Excel lent...........Average
    Druid........good..........Good.............Averag e............Excellent

    *Warriors are the best all-around natural born tanker.
    *Paladins are best for tanking mobs / multiple targets.
    *DKs should be used when massive spell damage skills are involved
    *Druids are best for absorbing massive single physical attacks with their high Stamina and Armor


    Paladin......EXCELLENT....BAD..................AVE RAGE
    Druid........EXCELLENT....GOOD................EXCE LLENT
    Priest........GOOD...........GOOD................G OOD

    *Druids are the best all-around healers, period.
    *Shamans are best for healing massive area damage. Chain heal lasers ARE ALWAYS FUN TO WATCH
    *Paladins are best for healing massive single damage attacks, NOT RECOMMENDED during encounters involving area damage
    *Priests are your primary support class with Mass Dispels, Hymns, Pain Suppressions, Mind Control, did I mention they can heal too?
    *Silence Bleed Stun effects are countered by Healing Over Time (HoT) a.k.a REGENS. Druids and Priests come to play here.


    2. [RAID BUFFS] (EII_2)
    Major Class Buffs dpt meningkatkan jumlah output DPS/Heal/Tank Survival rate up to 200%. They're a CRITICAL element of ANY raids wishing to be successful, and are NOT to be underestimated.

    Warrior : Commanding Shout (+HP), Battle Shout (+AP)
    DK : Horn of Winter di macro ke OBLITERATE biar gak bakal lepas
    Pally : King all, Might Phys, Wisdom Caster, Aura sesuai Kebutuhan
    Shaman : Totem2 sesuai kebutuhan (resist / grounding / etc) tergantung skill boss
    Hunter : minimal 1 hunter talent MM pasang Trueshot Aura, Aspect Wild klo butuh (nature dmg mitigation)
    Druid : Mark of Wild, Thorns
    Rogue : Masakin fish feast wat yg laen (eweuh buff pisan), rogue gak punya preparation buff buat party raid
    Priest : Forti, Spirit, Shadow Prot ALL
    Mage : Intel, Focus Magic (sesama caster dps)
    Warlock : Fel int, Imp Blood

    jadi klo smua class ada mestinya minimal ada 10 kotak buff di kanan atas layar anda,
    belum ditambah buff dari PERSONAL LOGISTIC yg saya tulis diatas, dan COMBAT BUFF yang
    keluar/proc pas lagi lawan boss.

    Spoiler untuk Untuk player yang minta buff susahnya kyk minta duit sejuta :


    Untuk penjelasan buff yang lebih mendetail, silahkan visit Raid Buff & Debuff List by Dizzy

    Step 3. RAID START IN 3...2...1... PULL!!

    Q: OK siap combat nih! tarik!! he? brief dulu?
    A: Briefing dipake jika anda masuk PUG dan masih ada yg belum mengerti mekanik bos seperti apa. Seorang RL harus bisa menggunakan RAID TARGET ICON (gambar kotak/x/segitiga/bulet/tengkorak/etc) untuk membantu menjelaskan formasi + tugas setiap member untuk encounter tersebut.

    Setiap NPC punya sistem AI sendiri. Mereka akan menyerang / AGGRO kepada player yang memiliki nilai/value Threat tertinggi di daftar tabel threat internal mereka.

    Spoiler untuk PENJELASAN ANAK SD :

    kira2 begini logikanya, anggap ada 4 orang:

    Bejo (boss), Bimo (Tank), Budi (DPS), dan Bambang (healer)

    di daftar threat (musuh) Bejo ada 3 lawan, Bimo, Budi, dan Bambang

    Tugas BIMO adalah mem-PROVOKASI si BEJO terus menerus, agar perhatian si BEJO slalu tertuju kepada BIMO (Threat Gain)
    TUgas BUDI adalah menghajar si BEJO sekuat mungkin tapi sembunyi tangan ketika si BEJO mulai melirik kearah BUDI (invis/vanish/whateverlah)
    Tugas BAMBANG adalah meng-HEAL si BIMO supaya gak tepar digamparin si BEJO, tapi tidak berlebih karena jika berlebih si BEJO mulai mikir "anjir gw cape2 gamparin si BIMO tapi di heal terus sama BAMBANG, mending gw gampar si BAMBANG dulu dah!!"

    gimana caranya? lihat talent & skill kalian:
    utk tank : gunakan skill/talent yg ada tulisan "GENERATES A LARGE AMOUNT OF THREAT"
    utk DPS/healer : gunakan skill/talent yg ada tulisan "LOWERS YOUR THREAT"

    Biasakan pada awal battle untuk tunggu tanknya dapet initial threat yang cukup, biasanya kalo tanknya warrior itu tunggu sampe ada buff Sunder Armor di target mencapai Stack 5 (kelamaan). Kalo ada Hunter, bisa pake skill Misdirection buat bantu gain threat pas awal pull (threat spike -> cara pro).

    Spoiler untuk Macro MD Hunter :

    utk Hunter MD, awal2 focus dulu ke tanknya (ketik /focus NICK_TANK_ISI_DISINI)

    /cast [target=focus] Misdirection


    mau lebih enak? cari addon threat meter (gw pake omen). bisa terlihat nilai THREAT anda masing2. Dari pihak Blizzard juga sudah tersedia Threat Meter yg sangat sederhana (angka %-an diatas foto target).

    Untuk boss yang benar2 DPS Race, hunter WAJIB menggunakan MISDIRECTION setiap kali selesai COOLDOWN.




    2. [WIPEOUTS] (EIII_2)
    No, not the TV Series on AXN (though it is fun to watch lol), Wipe means smua member meninggal / battle tersebut gagal. Biasa disingkat WO.

    Spoiler untuk Kategori WIPE :

    KATEGORI WIPE.....How to Counter...Chances of Wipe
    MAIN TANK DIES....sediakan OT........0% ; selama ada OT & MT nya di soulstone
    ALL TANK DIES......Kite.....................80% ; klo Boss +150% movespeed, 100% WIPE
    HEALER DIES.........Self Heal.............30% ; klo bossnya massive area damage add +20% for every Healer dying
    ALL HEALER DIES...Ulti Skill..............90% ; Pake trinket dodge/parry, pake skill ulti yg CDnya diatas 5 menit.
    DPS DIES..............ILER jadi DPS......10% ; kalo bossnya bner2 strict DPS Race add +15% for every DPS dying
    ALL DPS DIES........ILER jadi DPS.......70% ; kalo waktu enrage masih banyak / sempet, possible

    rata2 kalo 40%++ member meninggal (klo 10-man 4 orang mati) itu udah calon Wipe.

    Seorang Raid leader harus bisa memutuskan kondisi Raid itu Wipe/Not berdasarkan status member mereka. Setiap ada event DEATH, dia mesti bisa kalkulasi probabilitas keberhasilan suatu encounter berdasarkan RUMUS:

    if DPS * (TL-1) > HPB = SUKSES
    else if DPS * (TL-1) < HPB = WIPEOUT

    HPB = sisa HP Boss
    DPS = Total DPS Raid
    TTL = Total Time Left / Sisa waktu (satuan detik) sampe Boss Enrage

    Spoiler untuk WHAT TO DO WHEN ~OH **** WIPE!!~ :

    Yg bisa lepas IC + Run = do it. run away from spot awal bos jd klo di res gak ke aggro.
    Yg keburu mati + dket bos silahkan RELEASE JGN TUNGGU DI RES << bikin lama yg kek gini.

    1. Paladin tolong DI a.k.a DIvine intervention ke class yang bisa RES. kalo bisa di MACRO SEKALIAN.

    For example, anggap ada 7 orang di raid grup yang bisa res dengan status sbb:
    Paladin = Acong, Bejo, Coki
    Shaman = Dani
    Druid = Edwin
    Priest = Ferdi, Gugun

    Spoiler untuk makro DI si Acong :


    /tar Bejo
    /cast [target=alive] Divine Intervention
    /tar Coki
    /cast [target=alive] Divine Intervention
    /tar Dani
    /cast [target=alive] Divine Intervention
    /tar Edwin
    /cast [target=alive] Divine Intervention
    /tar Ferdi
    /cast [target=alive] Divine Intervention
    /tar Gugun
    /cast [target=alive] Divine Intervention

    Dipastikan salah satu dari reser tersebut selamat (spam aja tombol DI-nya) asalkan masih ada yg idup.

    2. Warlock -> Soulstone ke Ress Class(usahain kasih ke healer,kalo ada 2 WL kasih 1 ke TB)
    3. Hunter Feign Death
    4. Rogue Vanish

    dan satu item imba untuk pasti selamat:

    FLASK OF PETRIFICATION <= Efek sama persis dengan DI Pally (CMIIW), minta bikinin sama alchem

    Udah WO + stop Aggro bossnya (alias bos balik ke spot semula)?
    1. yg dapet DI Pally click kanan buffnya (kayak gambar jam) -> Ress2 yg lain (resser utamakan biar cpet)
    2. yg di soulstone lgsg click revive
    3. yg gak bisa res + Engineer tolong pake GNOMISH ARMY KNIFE buat ngidupin RESSER
    4. Reincar Shaman dipakai IF AND ONLY IF 3 diatas tidak berlaku (smua org meninggal) dan lokasi nya jauh dari pintu masuk

    ok that ******* went down... now let's see what he's got in stores for us...

    Spoiler untuk Penjelasan Singkat :

    ML = Master Loot (1 orang nentuin loot) << makan waktu lama
    GL = Group Loot (loot sesuai kebutuhan) << Raid PRO doank yg bisa, baca: PRO
    FFA = Free For All (Lupa set GL-ML / barang sisa / di ML gak ada nama charnya) << Ati2 Ninja

    Threshold = Settingan Lead Group / Raid leader buat nentuin barang apa aja yg nongol di group loot jadi klo set Threshold = Epic, barang uncommon (ijo) sama rare (biru) gak bakal nongol di tengah layar buat click need/greed dan bisa langsung diambil layaknya FFA

    NEED = Gambar DADU warna putih. HANYA untuk gear/equip yang player BUTUH UNTUK DIPAKAI LANGSUNG
    GREED = Gambar KOIN warna KUNING. Selain Need, alias buat dijual, disenchant, gaya2an, etc.
    PASS = Tombol X dikanan atas Loot Window. gak ROLL barang / skip


    Dimana2 NEED gets prio over GREED. klo semua roll GREED dan ada 1 orang roll NEED, otomatis yg roll NEED yg dapet gear. RL lupa set loot masih GL pas down boss? bisa aja klo pemainnya pada pro semua dan ngerti loot barang apaan aja. klo kagak yakin? rata2 pada triak PASS DULU SEMUA. nah klo ada yg click need/greed pada saat smua orang PASS? ya tu org yg dapet gear... biasanya dilanjutkan dengan triakan blacklist/ban/umpatan2 player lainnya jadi klo bisa di HINDARI.

    untuk para MASTER LOOT, harap pemberian prioritas barang loot disesuaikan dengan classnya.

    Spoiler untuk LOOT PRIORITY LIST (Extreme) :

    WR = Warrior
    DK = Deathknight
    PL = Paladin
    HN = Hunter
    SH = SHaman
    RO = Rogue
    DR = Druid
    MG = Mage
    WL = Warlock
    PR = Priest

    Armor Class..............1st Prio.....2nd Prio....3rd Prio......4th Prio
    Plate DPS/TANK.........WR DK......PL
    Plate Spell.................PL
    Mail DPS...................HN............SH............ WR DK PL
    Mail Spell..................SH............PL
    Leather DPS*............RO............DR............HN SH........WR DK PL
    Leather Spell.............DR............SH PL
    Cloth Spell................MG............WL PR.......DR SH PL
    Cloth Spirit*.............WL PR........MG...........DR SH PL

    Amulet/Ring/Trinket (ART)
    ART Tank..............WR DK PL DR.....RO HN SH
    ART STR DPS........WR DK PL..........DR SH............RO HN
    ART AGI DPS.........RO HN SH..........DR................WR DK PL
    ART Spell..............MG...................WL PR............DR SH PL
    ART SPIRIT...........PR DR WL..........MG................SH PL

    *SPI = yg ada spirit
    *mp5 = yg ada "restores X mp every 5 seconds"

    Spoiler untuk Q&A :

    Q: Knp paladin 2nd Prio buat Plate DPS/Tank?
    A: soalnya DK/warr gak guna pake plate spell

    Q: Knp Shaman 2nd Prio buat Mail dps?
    A: Soalnya Hunter gak guna pake mail spell

    Q: Knp Druid 2nd Prio buat leather DPS?
    A: Soalnya Rogue gak guna pake leather spell

    Q: Knp Priest 2nd Prio buat cloth spell?
    A: Soalnya priest 1st prio buat gear cloth SPirit/mp5 -> Spirit/mp5 identik dengan healer -> cloth healer = priest

    Q: knp Platers prio-3 buat amulet / ring / trinket Agility?
    A: karena base dmg [Hunter, Shaman enhance, Rogue] dari agi, sedangkan WR DK PL hanya ambil utk CRITnya saja

    Q: knp Rogue Hunter prio-3 utk amulet/ring/trinket Str?
    A: krn bner2 gak guna gear STR utk HN + RO (ngambil cman bonus warna ijo dbawahnya doank)

    Q: Knp Warlock Mage prio-2 utk ring SPI/mp5?
    A: krn Priest+Druid = Spirit based, jadi lebih butuh

    Q: Knp Shaman Pally Prio-3 utk ring SPI/mp5?
    A: Krn Shaman pally masih bisa enhance/retri/tank, Warlock mage hanya bisa SPELL

    Priority Mechanism
    1. Maximum Armor class (WR DK PL = Plate, HN SH = Mail, RO DR = Leather, MG WL PR = Cloth)
    2. Talent Restriction -> Talent Versatility
    contoh kasus :
    drop plate tank sama plate Spell, ada warrior sama pally. warior cman bisa pake yg tank, otomatis warr yg dapet.
    klo yg pally dikasih plate tank? plate spellnya kasih sapa? pally juga kan? jd dapet 2 biji gt? maruk amat jd orang...

    Spoiler untuk STUDY CASE :

    ok anggap ada loot 4 buah:
    Bahu plate DPS
    clana leather DPS
    Ring SPELL
    trinket TANK

    dan ada 5 orang player:

    kita pilah berdasarkan "able to use":

    Round 1:
    CLASS Can Loot
    Warrior trinket/bahu
    Hunter clana
    Druid clana / trinket / ring
    Pally trinket/bahu/ring
    Priest ring

    yang pasti dapet duluan priest, knapa? dia 1st prio ring + hanya itu gear yg bisa dipakai.
    Sisa bahu, clana, trinket

    Round 2:
    Warrior trinket/bahu
    hunter clana
    Druid clana/trinket
    pally trinket/bahu

    berhubung hunter hanya bisa memakai yg clana, maka hunter loot clana leather

    Round 3:

    Warrior Trinket/bahu
    Druid Trinket
    Pally Trinket/bahu

    karena druid hanya bisa memakai trinket, maka trinket jatuh ke druid

    Round 4:
    warrior bahu
    Pally bahu

    karena sama2 bahu, maka barulah MULAI ROLL ANTARA WARRIOR / PALLY UTK SHOULDER TSB.

    Q: kalo di ronde 2 druidnya mau celana gmn?
    A: bisa saja, karena emang itu clana 1st prio druid. brarti nanti warior / pally roll trinket.
    yg menang dpt trinket yg kalah dapet bahu. kalo hunternya bner2 mau tu leather, tu hunter mesti whisp nego sama druidnya

    Q: kalo di ronde 3 pallynya mau trinket gmn?
    A: brarti druid yg gak dapet gear, lebih bagus ambil case yg ronde 2 (druid ambil clana) klo gitu.

    Q: kalo pallynya mau ring?
    A: gak bisa, priestnya dapet prio buat ring. knp? pally bisa 3 role, tank dps spell. sedangkan priest 100% SPELL. Dari Item restriction jelas lebih ketat Priest, maka priest dapet duluan.

    Maka harap kalo jadi ML tiap barang di rollnya sesuai prioritas

    1. lihat barang yang drop apa aja
    2. lihat di raid ada class apa aja
    3. lihat class mana yg cuman bisa pake X doank sisanya gak bisa/gak efektif << ini prioritas

    emang AMPM enak raid lockout 1 hari, kalo seminggu?
    ok contoh drop plate spell dan plate tank, ada paladin sama warrior. paladin udah punya plate spell, dan cuman butuh plate tank. HAL UDAH PUNYA GEAR ITU / BELUM TIDAK TERMASUK KRITERIA PEMILIHAN BARANG. Tetep aja pally mesti ngalah ke warior buat gear tank knp? WARRIOR GAK GUNA PAKE PLATE SPELL. Makin sedikit gear yg bisa dipakai, makin tinggi prioritas anda untuk mendapatkan gear.

    Aslinya emang yang namanya class multirole (paladin,shaman,druid) tu lebih berat nyari gearnya gara2 dapetnya barang sisa dari class laen yang emang lebih strict gearnya. Untungnya ini AMPM raid lockout cman sehari, jd bisa hajar terus2an. Itulah fungsinya RAID GUILD, soalnya raid guild itu mestinya status gear satu member dengan member yang lain kurang lebih sama.

    klo punya class multirole full gear smua talent di offi (pake cara jujur) tepok tangan gw. Ada se tmen gw anak frostmourne pally ktua guild pula (dah pensi), 3 tas isi equip smua lol (1 tas isi gear spell, 1 tas isi gear dps, 1 tas isi gear PvP, yg gear tank lg dipake)

    Spoiler untuk LOOT PRIORITY LIST (non-strict) :

    WR = Warrior
    DK = Deathknight
    PL = Paladin
    HN = Hunter
    SH = SHaman
    RO = Rogue
    DR = Druid
    MG = Mage
    WL = Warlock
    PR = Priest

    1st Prio 2nd Prio 3rd Prio
    Plate DPS/TANK..........WR DK PL
    Plate Spell.................PL
    Mail DPS....................HN SH........WR DK PL
    Mail Spell SH............PL
    Leather DPS..............RO DR.........HN SH...........WR DK PL
    Leather Spell.............DR..............SH PL
    Cloth Spell................MG WL PR....DR SH PL

    Amulet/Ring/Trinket (ART)
    ART Tank.................WR DK PL DR........RO HN SH
    ART STR DPS...........WR DK PL.............DR SH..........RO HN
    ART AGI DPS............RO HN SH DR........WR DK PL
    ART Spell.................MG WL PR DR SH PL

    Q: Apa bedanya yg versi strict sama yg non-strict?
    A: gear spirit dianggap sama dengan gear spell, restriction cuman untuk "bisa pakai"

    Yang ini ML lebih leluasa menentukan loot, dan semua class bisa roll barang tersebut ASALKAN memang berguna/bisa digunakan (hunter loot STR = NO, Priest loot Plate = NO, dst)

    untuk lebih jelas pembagian optimal tiap item, silahkan kunjungi: WoW Looting Guide by Kaliban

    IV. NAXX GUIDE FOR DUMMIES (some only applies in AMPM server)
    good 'ol naxx. revamped for WoTLK

    Spoiler untuk NAXXRAMAS :

    isinya laba2 / sejenis laba2 semua. siap2 anti-racun/disease
    Spoiler untuk Anubrekhan :

    10-man : 2 healers 1 tank 7 DPS
    25-man : 6 healers 1 tank 18 DPS

    Tank on outer circle, CC Undead Adds

    On locust : tank kte, give warning ke DPS yg mo ngebalap threat tank (tank kudu punya addon threatmeter), make sure anub stays @ outer circle and away from raid (which is positioned in the center of the room. klo bisa jgn sampe mati, klo mati = Spawn kecoak2 yang cubitannya SANGAT TERASA (rame soale).

    Melee combat pet tidak dianjurkan in this battle (hunter pet, warlock pet, copet, dll), Soalnya rata2 huntard petnya gak di heal / dibiarin mati gak ditarik pas locust. UNLESS pet controlnya PRO (alias tahu kapan narik pet balik, alias ctrl-2) fine2 aja buat push DPS.

    Rinse, Repeat, Loot, moving on.

    Spoiler untuk Grand Widow Faerlina :

    10-man : 2 healers : druid heals tank, Shaman heals Raid
    1 Priest MC(mind control) TM, spam skill yg ngapus enrage widow
    rest same as anub.
    just in case healer gak kuat, tambahin 1 lg (raid status gearnya pas2an)

    25-man : 2 druid resto, 2 shaman
    2 Priest MC adds

    Priests play a vital role. Mind Control jgn sampe lepas. klo mo backup 2 priest yg MC biar klo 1 lepas masih ada 1 lg yg backup. Widow enrage 3x tabok rata2 tank meninggal (kira2 5 detik), jd tolong priestnya yg sigap. kalaupun lepas, biasanya addnya lari2 dan priest butuh waktu buat MC lagi (gak instant cast). Pengertian aja sama priestnya kalo enrage 2-3 detikan kluar, moga2 heal nutup, dodge/parry terus lol. Untuk Heroic mode, Enrage kluar = FATAL. Untuk itu sebaiknya ada backup priest untuk MC TM satu lagi, usahakan waktu MCnya beda dengan priest yang pertama, biar MCnya gak habis barengan.

    Hunter kalo bisa pake aspect of wild, bos ini kadang2 keluarin skill racun = nature damage. Bisa juga pake totem nature resist shaman, tapi rada sayang kt gw. Terkadang juga keluarin rain of fire dengan area yg kecil(cukup lari dari daerah skill tersebut,untuk terhindar dari damage nya)

    sisanya tank n spank. Moving on.

    Spoiler untuk Maexxna :

    10-man : 3 healer : minimal 1 druid healer heal focus MT << wajib, 1 Shaman buat heal raid. 1 lagi seterah.
    2 tanks : MT 1st choice Druid
    OT 2nd choice Warr
    OT 3rd choice Pally/DK
    1 DPS buat ancurin cocoon (preferably hunter), gak ada yg cocoon -> hajar maexx
    1 DPS buat bantu hunter AoE klo anak2 Spawn, anak gak ada -> hajar maexx

    Tank 2 orang klo gearnya pas2an, klo overgear mestinya 1 doank cukup.

    25-man : 4-6 healer : minimal 2 druid focus MT sisanya bebas
    2 tanks : sm kyk 10-man
    3 DPS buat cocoon
    2 dPS AoE wat laba2 kecil, gak ada -> hajar maexx

    untuk 25-man OT wajib ada (jarang gw liat tank 1 doank kuat nahan soft enrage, rata2 di 1-2shot modar).

    Cocoon : 1/more player diiket, lagi diiket HP turun terus. mati sama cocoon -> spawn anak2
    Mass Cocoon : Raid Wide (alias smua orang) di stun slama 5 detik (gambarnya kek diiket kondom)
    Spawn lil'maexx : ngebrojolin anak2 imut, lucu, suka nyubit => mintak di blizzard/rain of fire/whirlwind
    Soft Enrage : Maexx HP 25% (ato 30% ye?) dia enrage, damage naik, attack speed naik DRASTIS.
    klo di dota kayak Sven Ulti + Mask of Madness minus lifesteal. MMMmmmooonster Killlll

    How to Counter
    Cocoon : Segera pecahkan, yang kena harap triak / kasih warning ke raid. Macro dulu kalo perlu
    Mass Cocoon : HoT (heal overtime) HARUS SELALU AKTIF DI TANK. INI TUGAS UTAMA DRUID. SLAGI DI STUN heal yang aktif cuman HoT!!!
    Lil' Maexx : AoE
    Soft Enrage : here comes the tricky part. 90% WO dimaexx pas phase ini. pembagian tugasnya adalah:

    Tank & Off tank -> Taunt klo tank yg lagi di gampar hpnya <40%. maexx 1x gampar rata2 turun 30-50% HP tank.
    Healer : SPAM HEAL TANK, FULL HOT ON TANK (and OT if available).

    SEMUA SKILL YG CDNYA 5 MENIT ++ (skill Ulti tiap class biasanya) DIPAKE.
    SEMUA POTION (speed/wildmagic/armor) DIMINUM

    Spoiler untuk TRIPLE PAIN SUPPRESSION Trick :

    Disingkat 3PS (baca: Trips << short for trippin' lol), ne taktik gw jaman TBC klo tanknya gearnya pas2an mo lawan bos yg 1x gampar nyeri gilak (Nalorak zul'aman ada yg inget? lol)

    Apa itu Pain Suppresion? itu skill Priest yang ngurangin damage dari musuh sebesar 40%.
    Damage gampar = 8k
    armor 65% reduce = 8k-(0.65x8k) = 2800
    Pain Supress 40% = 2800 - (0.4x2800) = 1680
    damage yang masuk = 1680 (kalo gak ke dodge/parry/block)

    Untuk Priest Disc, lihat buff tanknya. klo dia lagi pake skill ulti (shield wall / whatever), tunggu Ulti-nya
    abis baru kasih PAIN SUPPRESSION. nah kalo ada Priest DisC 3 biji, bisa Pain Supress tanknya GANTI2AN.

    Shield wall = 15s
    Pain Supress = 8s (8 ya? lupa gw) x 3 = 24s
    15+24 = 39 *******

    anggap pukul rata DPS 1 orang kira2 2500.
    DPS ada 18 org, total raid DPS = 45k

    45k * 39 detik = 1.75m << cukup mestinya

    dan yang terakhir yang paling penting:

    down? maniss.... dapet achievement...
    WO? liat dimana salahnya, tetep semangat, stay frosty.

    ok, enough of the 8-legged freaks, moving on to the...

    2. [CONSTRUCT QUARTER] Credit goes to TheOne (EIV_2)
    Spoiler untuk Patchwerk :

    Berhubung ada jelly2 ijo yg gak bisa ditarget = suram jadi gak bisa for the moment. Kalo mau maksa pake speedhack tarik bossnya jauh2 dari tu jelly2, tapi siap2 di ban lol.

    Spoiler untuk Grobbulus :

    10-man = 6 DPS, 1 MT , 3 Healer(untuk bos ini komposisi bisa tidak sesuai dengan yg saya tulis)
    25-man = 19 DPS, 1 MT , 5 Healer(sama seperti yg 10 man, komposisi tidak perlu mengikuti yg saya tulis)

    ada 2 skill yg perlu di perhatikan oleh boss ini:

    1.Poison Cloud
    Grobbulus bakal keluarin gas/awan baracun di bagian bawah dia,dan gas area tersebut akan membesar/melebar seiring waktu,dan akan hilang setela bbrp lama
    gw kasih gambaran dikit ( ) ( )
    ( O ) ---> ( O )
    ( ) ( )

    skill ini dapat mudah di hindari,tinggal menjauh dari awan2 beracun tersebut

    2.Mutating Injection
    Grobbulus akan menyuntikan racun kepada random raid player,racun ini bakal kasih damage ke temen2 sekitar,jadi di sarankan yg terkena racun ini,untuk LARI AWAY FROM OTHERS

    3.Add Spawn
    Spawn Adds. Kill ASAP

    Guide for the Battle

    MT bakal kiting(bawa jalan2) ini bos.seperti yg gw kasih tau,skill 1 nya adalah area di satu titik yg akan melebar.jadi gw kasih gambaran tugas MT

    O= Grobbulus
    X= Main Tank

    O.X -----> O X -----> O X
    X O <----- X O <----- X O

    DPS gw bagi jadi dua,di karenakan beda tugas DPS range dan melle akan berbeda

    A.DPS Range(mage,warlock,dll)
    berdiri di tengah2 Kotak area bos,sembari menjauh jika ada temen yg kena Mutating Injection
    B.Melee DPS(warrior,rogue,dll)
    Hampir mirip seperti MT ikut lari2 an menghajar bos nya
    C.All DPS arah ke Adds ketika spawn

    Sama seperti Range DPS,cukup berdiri di tengah2 kotak dan menjauh dari temen yg terkena racun

    Spoiler untuk Gluth :

    10-man = 6 DPS, 1 MT ,1 OT, 2 Healer(untuk bos ini komposisi bisa tidak sesuai dengan yg saya tulis)
    25-man = 18 DPS, 1 MT ,1 OT, 5 Healer(sama seperti yg 10 man, komposisi tidak perlu mengikuti yg saya tulis)

    di sarankan membawa 1 hunter untuk mempermudah melawan bos ini, kegunaan nya bakal saya jelaskan di bagian bawah

    Gambaran untuk battle ini

    [] = Lokasi Spawn Zombie
    O = Gluth
    [] () [] X = MT
    V = OT
    O () = Ranged DPS+Healer
    ----- = Gerbang Depan
    V X

    skill Gluth

    1.Mortal Wound
    Gluth Bakal kasih ni jurus Ke MT,jurus ini sama seperti mortal strike nya warrior,cuman sekali jurus hanya akan memberikan 10% healing reduce dan bisa stack jadi jika sudah stack sampe 10,bisa di bayangkan heal jadi kagak guna lol.Debuff ini hanya sekitar 15 detik

    2.Enrage(bisa di bilang Soft Enrage)
    Badan Gluth bakal membesar yg akan meningkatkan attack speed dia sejumlah 25% (100% di 25-man)
    Enrage ini bisa di hilangkan dengan dua cara,HUnter gunakan Tranquilizing Shot dan Rogue bisa gunakan racun Anesthetic Poison II

    Setiap 105 Detik Gluth bakal gunain skill area ini,yg bakal membuat seluruh party raid sekarat(seperempat HP),dan setelah mengunakan skill ini Gluth bakal terdiam untuk bbrp saat(gunakan kesempatan ini untuk mengfullkan MT maupun OT)

    Q: Kenapa harus melawan Gltuh dekat gerbang ?
    A: karena jika Gluth terlalu dekat dengan lokasi Spawn zombie,dia akan memakan zombie tersebut,dan HP dia akan bertambah

    Q: Kenapa di boss ini harus ada OT ?
    A: sesuai dengan skill 1 Gluth jurus tersebut membuat healer kesusahan,jadi Tugas OT adalah Men-Taunt Bos ini di saat MT sudah mendapatkan 3-4 stack debuff yg di berikan Gluth,jika OT sudah mendapatkan 3-4 debuff tersebut,MT harus Men-Taunt balik,begitu seterusnya ganti2-an mentaunt

    Q: Gimana Supaya Gluth tidak Memakan Zombie yg akan Spawn ?
    A: harus ada 3 orang yg menjaga 3 lokasi Spawn zombie tersebut,1 di kanan,1 di kiri, 1 di tengah.(lihat gambaran posisi spawn zombie di atas)

    Spoiler untuk Instructor Razuvious :

    Berhubung script bug, gak ada taktik sm skali, tinggal tank n spank. Kill TMnya aja dulu yang ikut ketarik.

    Spoiler untuk Gothik the Harvester :

    Ok ujian kekompakan raid dimulai.
    disini akan ada 2 phase, Add phase dan gothik phase. rata2 WO di TM Phase jd gw bahas bagian ini saja.
    Lokasinya akan di bagi dua, satu dalem penjara (undead) satu yang diluar nyambung pintu masuk (living)

    1 Warr/DK Tank
    1 Healer
    1 DPS AREA
    1 DPS Bebas (yg di dps meter paling atas)

    1 Pally/DK Tank
    2 Healers
    3 DPS AREA

    DPS Area : Mage Blizzard, Warlock Rain of Fire, Warrior Fury Whirlwind, Hunter MM (volley)

    sama kyk yang diatas, tinggal tambahin:
    2 healer
    4 DPS

    3 Healer
    6 DPS

    TM Kill priority:
    urutan prioritas TM yang di bunuh / CC
    1. Kuda
    2. Caster
    3. sisanya

    Kuda bisa cast mass shadowbolt area, dan wajib di stun/fear/CC or better yet KILL.
    Caster range, dan rata2 target healer (gak ada yg ngethreat mereka, target mereka di heal -> mereka target healer)
    Sisanya add2 manusia2 melee, TUSBOL GPL.

    Living Group : Take your time, try to survive

    Semua TM yang dibunuh di spot LIVING akan spawn di spot UNDEAD. Jika group living terlalu cpat membunuh TM, group UNDEAD bisa kewalahan menghadapi TM2 yang spawn -> WO. Disinilah diuji KEKOMPAKAN dan KOMUNIKASI suatu raid group.
    Setelah beberapa waktu, Phase gothik dimulai, tank n spank.

    Spoiler untuk 4-Horseman :

    Sir Zeliek (Range Spell dmg)
    Baron Rivendare (Melee damage)
    Thane (Melee damage)
    Lady Belemeaux (Range Spell dmg)

    Last boss of the undead quarter and arguably one of the most complicated encounter. As usual, multiple boss encounters (TBC: illidari council BT, Maulgar Ogres Gruul, Moroes Karazhan) requires special tactics, I'll try to elaborate.

    2 Spell Tank
    1 Phys Tank
    3 Healers
    4 High Output DPS

    Spell Tank : DK, Warrior
    Phys Tank : Warrior, Druid, Paladin
    Healers : Druid wajib 1 minimal, 2 lagi bebas

    25man: add 4 more healers, 2 more caster offtanks, and 9 DPS

    Boss Skill (yang keliatan):
    Thane Meteor : Area damage Fire(?) spell
    Zeliek + Lady Holy Bolt : single target ranged holy damage spell

    Belemaux + Zeliek ranged spell damage, di tank oleh Spell Tank
    Rivendare + Thane melee phys damage, di tank oleh Phys Tank

    Square room, 4 corner, 1 boss each corner
    healer/ranged DPS rada ditengah di spot bos berdiri pas awal
    Untuk pull pertama, Highly recommended menggunakan HUNTER untuk MISDIRECTION ke designated TANK.

    kata kuncinya = ROTASI TANK + KESABARAN
    it's not a DPS race, but SURVIVAL of the fittest

    Disini setiap boss akan cast stacking debuff, dimana stack 5++ = hurts like hell. Jadi ketika stack 4-5, setiap tank WAJIB TUKAR BOS (spell tank dgn spell tank, phystank dgn phystank)

    Usahakan atur jarak antar 1 boss dengan yang lain agar tiap tank/healer tidak mendapat debuff dari boss yang lain.

    Tugas DPS dish as much damage as possible sebelum para Healer OOM (out of mana).
    Urutan Boss:
    1. Thane (yg nembak meteor)
    2. Rivendare (di Shackle Priest)
    3. Belemeaux / Zeliek serah yg mana

    Ok beres? nyalain rokok dulu + bundir, ketengah lagi trus lanjut ke plague

    4. [Plague Quarter] (EIV_4)
    Quarter ini isinya Poison + disease + Curse semua. Tolong bawa hunter buat aspect Wild sama shaman 1 biji minimal buat nature resist totem. Druid + Mage siap2 decurse. Priest remove disease. Shaman Cleanse Spirit. Paladin Cleanse. Dan seterusnya....
    Spoiler untuk Noth the Plaguebringer :

    ini boss mirip Gothik, bedanya dia gak nyumput diatas tapi ikut tabok2an langsung. Dia juga spawn TM terus2an, jadi tolong gunakan skill2 crowd control kalian secara maksimal. Dia juga bakal teleport2 ngilang bentar. Siap2 Decurse soalnya bakal ngasih curse yg sakit.

    Di 25-man dia ngasih debuff CRIPPLE (-50% cast/attack/move SPEED) jadi tolong di MASS DISPEL oleh PRIEST.
    rada tank n spank si mnurut gw mah asal DECURSEnya JAGO

    Spoiler untuk Heigan the Unclean :

    Ini bos rada tricky, mesti tau spot2nya, lantainya meledak2 soalnya, jd mesti lari2 ala dance2 revolution lol....
    Skill ada 3:
    Phase 1:
    1. Disease: ngurangin HP 50% + DoT 1500 nature / *******.. tolong Remove Disease GPL (apalagi klo kena tank)
    2. Debuff Caster: yg dket2 sma dia kena ini debuff, waktu cast nambah 500% (fireball 2 detik jadi 10 detik cast nya ...)
    Phase 2:
    1. 5 meter Aura Damage (kita sebut Kentut): pas dia naek ke platform + badan jadi ijo2... dket2 = SAKIT jd tolong pas mo phase 2 SEMUA YG DI PLATFORM TURUN
    Phase 1 + 2:
    Eruption : lantai meledak, gw dah test ini nature damage 7500 x 3 jadi total 22k lah... kena disease (-50% HP) + kena ledakan lantai = INSTANT DEATH bagi SIAPAPUN

    The Dance:
    silahkan bagi ruangan menjadi 4 lokasi. lokasi 1 2 3 4, ukurannya agak beda, jadi kira2 aja. Nah pas di lokasi2 nya gw saranin 1 orang pasang Campfire, jadi pas meledak tau kemana spot amannya.

    Spot aman pertama di spot 1, lokasi yg dket pintu masuk, nomor 4 dket pintu arah loatheb. tinggal bagi 4 aja lokasinya.
    Sequence Dance Spots -> 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 2 - dst.

    perlu diingat pas mau PHASE 2 semua yg di PLATFORM (healers + ranged DPS) HARUS TURUN. jangan tunggu phase 2 mulai (pas heigan diatas), keburu kena kentut heigan (ijo2) ntar. Jadi semua yg di platform HARUS TURUN 5 DETIK SEBELUM PHASE 2 MULAI.

    nah pas phase 2, SEMUA RAID HARUS IKUT SEQUENCE LARI. sama sperti diatas, tapi GAK ADA PAUSE. jangan berhenti, JALAN TERUS. lo berhenti = MATI. lo casting = MATI. healers klo mau pake INSTANT CAST ONLY. perlu diingat pas phase 2 HEIGAN TETEP NGASIH DISEASE. jadi tolong shaman cleansing totemnya, Priest remove disease, paladin cleanse harus TETEP JALAN.

    gak ada enrage, lawan ber 3 juga kuat asal jago "DANCE" nya... lol

    [to AMPM Admin only: itu sequence eruption phase 2 terlalu cpet, ga sempet larinya (blon lagi klo lag), edit timernya klo bisa]

    Spoiler untuk Loatheb :

    mau liat critical 19k ?! disinilah tempatnya. bos ini intinya ngetest kekuatan HEALER kalian. sukses / tidak tergantung HEALER kalian. jd klo sukses give em' a lil' praise...

    1. Necrotic Aura. HEALING = 0% selama 13 ******* dicast setiap 16 ******* jadi ada celah buat healing selama 3 *******
    2. Living Bomb punya Mage (versi shadow + kena 1 raid). debuff yg bakal ngasih dmg shadow DoT + Meledak setelah sekian *******
    3. Shadow explosion = cast nya lupa brp lama pkoknya makin lama makin cpet (enrage gak langsung)

    intinya di healer. pokoknya untuk para healer, ini skill yg kalian pake:
    Priest : Prayer of Healing(+ glyph) -> Circle of Healing(+glyph) -> FLash Heal
    Shaman : Earth Shield, riptide -> Chain Heal -> Chain Heal

    untuk priest, liat skill Prayer of healing brp detik (arahin mouse pointer ke skill). skr liat debuff necrotic brp. Pas necrotic nya angkanya persis sama (beda dkit tapi dibawahnya) kalian CAST. Jadi necrotic abis LANGSUNG KELUAR ITU HEALNYA. ok cth PoH cast 2.6 detik, kalian tunggu debuff angkanya 2.5 detik langsung pencet cast (klo ga pake addon kira2 aja 0.5 detik abis debuff angkanya 3). nah jadi pas necrotic abis langsung keluar. setelah itu cast Circle of Healing ke party dan FLASH HEAL ke TANK. Harusnya 3 skill ini sempet kluar semua.

    untuk Shaman, kalian cast riptide BUKAN UNTUK HEAL tapi untuk NGAMBIL BUFFNYA biar bisa dimakan CHAIN HEAL (+25% healing). jadi kalian cast RIPTIDE DULU (masih kena necrotic) terus cast CHAIN HEAL (sama kyk priest liat cast time brp lama, sesuaikan timing pencet cast dengan debuff necrotic). saya ingatkan, RIPTIDE dicast KETIKA SEDANG DALAM DEBUFF NECROTIC sebelum CHAIN HEAL. setelah itu cast CHAIN HEAL 1x. Earth Shield di cast sebelum Riptide, supaya pas NECROTIC ABIS, bisa bantu heal TANK.

    untuk DPS disinilah anda MENGGILA.... nanti bakal spawn adds bola2 kuning, namanya spore apa lupa. ini klo dibunuh kalian dapet debuff CRITICAL + 50%. andaikan crit kalian sudah 40% (dari raid buff) skr jadi 90% = PERMANEN CRITICAL = GOTTA LUV DA BIG CRITZ' silahkan recount ampe puas... LOL.

    puas? PUAS HAH!? ok untuk bos berikutnya sebaiknya kalian pulang ke kota + restok dulu.

    5. [Frostwyrm Lair] Under Construction (EIV_5)
    Spoiler untuk Sapphiron :

    intinya frost resist. Tolong kalian bikin baju frost resist yang dari profesi (plate BS, mail leather LW, cloth Tailor) dan colok GEM sesuai role di raid.

    Phase 1:
    1. Frost Aura : kena 1200 (1500 di 25-man) FROST DMG per 3 detik (di AMPM tiap 2 detik). inilah alesan pake baju resist.
    2. Cleave + Tail Swipe : kena yang didepan + dibelakang. jadi tolong untuk tank ene naga hadepin ke samping.
    3. Blizzard : sama kayak mage talent frost, lebih sakit tentunya. yg kena bakal teeerasa lambaaattt.... jd tolong GERAK / PINDAH jangan DIEM.
    4. hunter frost trap : kaga tau ni skill apaan pokoknya di lantai kyk ada salju2 gitu kena damage + jalan jd lambat.

    Phase 2:
    1. Es Lilin: 2 orang (4 di 25-man) bakal jadi PATUNG ES. ngefek buat skill slanjutnya
    2. FROST BOMB. 150k FROST DAMAGE AoE expanding spell from center of room. gambarnya kyk bola biru jatoh lambat gt.

    How to kill the dragon (again):
    Phase 1 kurang lebih tank n spank, tinggal mobilitasnya aja mesti jago buat lari2 ngindarin blizard + Es2 di lantai.
    Phase 2 yg bikin WO. pas phase 2, kalian anggap itu 2 org (4 di 25-man) yg jadi ES LILIN sebagai PILAR ARENA. itu FROST BOMB ngaruh ke LOS jadi kalian harus NYUMPUT dibelakang ES LILIN supaya gak kena FROST BOMB. Liat ditengah ada bola biru jatoh lambat, itu frost bombnya, atur posisi kalian supaya ES LILIN ada diantara KALIAN DAN FROST BOMB. dan yang paling penting, JANGAN PINDAH DARI ES LILIN SEBELON ES LILIN ILANG. ES LILIN blon ilang = MASIH ADA DAMAGE, jd tolong SABAR dikit.

    gitu doank se tinggal maenin equip resist doank ene mah...

    Spoiler untuk Kel-Thuzad :

    bos yg rada gajebo tp tetep ga boleh bengong khususnya healer

    Phase 1 - Adds/TM:
    Skeleton : gada bonus, Melee DPS hajar yg ini
    Banshee/Krobelus : MELEDAK klo kena melee, Range DPS hajar yg ini
    Abomination/Pudge : ini di TANK

    Phase 2 - Kel'tu solo:
    Ice Bolt - percis kyk mage cman lebih sakit
    Circle of Death : ga tau skill apaan, pokoknya liat ini lingkeran merah2 = PINDAH. diem disitu = MATI. mo darah lo sejuta armor se milyar = MATI.
    Mind Control - dmg Chain lightning + mind control. tolong OT urus ni player yg di MC (jgn DI KILL TAPI WOI!!! TANK AJA!!!)
    FROST BLAST - ini dia spell killer. inget rage winterchill di HS? ini versi UBERnya. yg kena ini dapet DoT 5000 frost damage / detik + jadi iceblock (es lilin), di bubble/spam heal klo ga mati cpet bner ini (sering kena ke healer... gimana hoqi aja ini mah). oh iya btw ini AREA lho, jd klo kalian dket2 bisa 3 ORG KENA FROST BLAST BARENGAN = 3 org kena 5k DoT = calon WIPE.


    Phase 3 - Keltu + Anub :
    pas phase 3 mulai si keltu bakal bacot2 dulu liat aja text di chat, nah ene bakal ada 2 ANUBARAK yg spawn dari sbelah kanan + kiri pintu masuk... ini anub 2 biji DI TANK dan gak DI KILL (ga bakal sempet), jd tolong OT (pally yg bagus) TAUNT ene kecoak2 ******* supaya healer gak kena tabok.

    kill as fast as possible + Bloodlust pas phase 3 soalnya tu kecoak getoknya makin lama makin sakit (tiap getok dapet +15% dmg buff)

    [note for GM/ADMIN: itu pas Phase 3 anubnya ga bisa digetok / taunt + narget healer jd tolong di fix lah nyangkut di tembok itu anub kaga gerak, getoknya jarak jauh masalahnya aneh...]

    CONGRATZ!!! YOU'VE CLEARED NAXX!! btw dpt quest item kan? nah itu untuk raid selanjutnya yaitu EyE of Eternity alias Malygos si naga biru. Silahkan ambil questnya dulu (buat necklace GOKIL) diatas wyrmrest Temple di dragonblight.


    Spoiler untuk ULDUAR :

    1. [Siege of Ulduar] (EVI_1)
    Spoiler untuk FLAME LEVIATHAN :

    Berhubung terdapat bug dmana turun tank = HP tank regen full, kalo masih WO juga kebangetan. Nanti kalo udah patch gw update

    Spoiler untuk IGNIS THE FURNACE MASTER :

    Berhubung script slag potnya gak jalan, cukup tank n spank. Update on patch fix.

    Spoiler untuk RAZORSCALE :

    Ok smua orang tau cara ngebug razor yg stuckin di tangga, gw gak bahas itu. Mari kita coba cara normal.

    10-man: 3 healer, 1 tank, 1 pally tank/Warr Fury, 5 DPS

    Paladin Fire Resist Aura
    Shaman jika lebih dari 1, pasang Fire Resist totem, kalo cman 1 gak usah (mending MP regen totem)

    Boss Skill:
    gw tulis yang KELIATAN + ADA EFEKNYA, sisanya bug

    Flame Strike: gatau nama skillnya apaan pokoknya Fire DoT area ke lantai. liat debuff api warna biru = lari
    Wing Buffet: Throws nearby players into the air (Bisa di curse of tongue gak?)

    Phase 1: Adds
    MT threats boss (lucunya boss bisa lgsg di spank lol)
    Palatank/Warr fury urus TM

    Begitu cukup TM down (3-4 wave) lanjut ke...

    Phase 2: I believe I can Fly
    tiap 5-10 detik dia cast Wing Buffet, ada 2 cara buat counter
    1. sebelum dia selesai cast, PUTAR BALIK BADAN (pantat lo ke arah razor)
    2. Priest levitate spaya pas jatuh gak sakit2 amat

    sisanya tank n spank

    Spoiler untuk XT002 Deconstructor (001nya kmana? lol) :


    kemungkinan WO kalo ada 1 member dibawah 18k = 20%, tambahin 20% utk setiap member dengan HP dibawah 18k

    cara HP 18k++?

    Scroll of Stamina VIII +132 STM = +1320 HP
    Socket gem +24 Stamina = +240 HP each
    Enchant Bracer +40 stamina = +400 HP
    Enchant Boots +22 Stamina = +220 HP
    Flask of Stoneblood (alchem) = +1300 HP

    Commanding Shout (Warrior) = +1580 HP (CMIIW)
    Blessing of Fortitude (Priest) = +1650 HP (CMIIW)
    Imp Bloodpact (Warlock) = +1750 HP (CMIIW)
    Mark of Wild (Druid) = +400 HP (CMIIW)

    TOTAL = 8860 HP
    tambah Blessing of Kings = 9283 HP (approx.)

    rata2 player baru jadi HP 14-15k. Ditambah smua buff diatas *mestinya* cukup. Sisanya tergantung healer (shaman recommended)

    Boss Skill cman 1 yg keliatan yaitu:

    Light Bomb: Raid Wide 19-22k Holy Fire DoT, lebih kalo standing close to other raid members
    Cara counter? Heal like you're saving private ryan

    ni bos yang bermasalah cman lightbombnya saja, disini bisa diuji kemampuan + kekompakan healer raid group kalian seperti apa.
    Sisanya tank n spank (skill XT yg laen gak gitu keliatan / gak jalan)

    2. [ANTECHAMBER OF ULDUAR] Unavailable (EVI_2)
    [Assembly of Iron / Iron Council]
    [Kolor Juragan a.k.a Kologarn]

    3. [Keepers of Ulduar] Unavailable (EVI_3)

    4. [Descent into Madness] Unavailable (EVI_4)
    [General Vezax]
    [Yogg Saron]

    5. [Celestial Planetarium] Unavailable (EVI_5)
    [Algalon the Observer]
    observer ae kea gene gmn boss yg punya title "the Destroyer"? gubrag rofl

    VII. ToC Guide for Dummies EVII_1
    Aturan ini instance di run setelah ULDU dan gear requirementnya untuk 10-man tuh 219 (Uldu-10 rata) dan untuk 10-man heroic 232 (ToC normal RATA). utk 25-man minimal 226 (Uldu-25 rata), utk 25-man heroic 245
    Spoiler untuk CRUSADER'S COLOSSEUM :

    Spoiler untuk Gormok :

    - Tebe ganti2an ala brutalus. DoT (impale) stack 3, ganti tank
    - TM (snobold apa itu lupa) diurus sm mage / hunter. jgn di tank sm mail/leather/cloth, 1-2 hit mati pasti

    Spoiler untuk Acidmaw/Dreadscale :
    (duo cacing)
    - Tebe 2, moncong cacing jgn ngadep raid, hajar salah satu sisain HP 100-150k tergantung DPS raid, abis itu hajar yg satu lagi, pas dua2nya sekarat, hajar barengan. maximum 10 detik jeda kill antar cacing
    - Cacing bisa kentut di tanah liat aja tanahnya jd sering2 gerak klo buat tank
    - yg kena paralytic toxin, tuker tebe biar ilang tuh DoT

    Spoiler untuk Icehowl (yeti?!?) :

    - Tebe di tembok pojok tmpat spawn icehowl biar gak kepental, healer / range di pojok ujung atunya, melee dps cukup /dance (rogue HP 28k kena loncat masuk 36k jadi GG TQ HF Gudbay)
    - klo dia merah wajib di tranquilizing shot (Hunter) ato anesthetic poison (rogue). Merah(enrage) + Loncat = FATAL

    Spoiler untuk Lord Jaraxus :

    - ngasih CURSE (Touch of Jaraxus) DoT nyeri betz. Harap di Remove Curse (mage/druid)
    - Fel FIre Bolt, 15k Fire on Hit, 6k/tick Fire DoT 5s duration, harap di DISPEL (priest/paladin)
    - Nether Power, Ningkatin spell damage Jaraxus. Harap di SPELLSTEAL (MAGE)
    - Nether Portal, Summon jablay2. ****** pertama serah mo enslave (warlock) ato kill.
    - Legion Fire, Fire DoT + spawn2 infernal (gak bisa di hit)
    - Chain Lightning (shadow / fire dmg lupa gw). NYEBAR AJE JGN KYK MAHO

    Intinya di sini tuh MAGE,DRUID,PRIEST. klo ****** spawn SEMUA DPS FOCUS ******.
    Pally Shadow Resist + FIre Resist (klo ada 2)
    Shaman Fire Resist Totem

    Spoiler untuk Faction Champ (Arena 10vs6) :

    ya kira2 aja kek gimana, menang 4 orang buat CC jd "MESTINYA" sih menang. gw list daftar nama2 NPC sama class2nya aja, soal taktik atur sendiri (pd jago pvp kan?)

    Boomkin Kavina Grovesong Birana Stormhoof
    Toge Disko Melador Valestrider Erin Misthoof
    Resto Shaman Saamul Thrakgar
    Enh. Shaman Shaabad Broln Stouthorn
    Holy Priest Anthar Forgemender Caiphus the Stern
    Shadow Priest Brienna Nightfell Vivienne Blackwhisper
    Mage Noozle Whizzlestick Ginselle Blightslinger
    Rogue Irieth Shadowstep Maz'dinah
    Hunter Alyssia Moonstalker Ruj'kah
    Warlock Serissa Grimdabbler Harkzog
    Holy Paladin Velanaa Liandra Suncaller
    Retardin Baelnor Lightbearer Malethas Brightblade
    Death Knight Tyrius Duskblade Gorgrim Shadowcleave
    Warrior Shocuul Narrhok Steelbreaker

    sekedar info, ini dmg meleenya rada gak waras, druid resto hitnya 17k, yg platernya 1 hit ke cloth (ke plate masuk 24k), jd ya kiting2 aja.

    Spoiler untuk Valkyr TWINS :

    - Harap bawa 3 healer (4 klo perlu), which includes but not restricted to, HOLY PRIEST, PUUN disko, RestoSHAM
    - harap bawa 2 consumables DRUM OF WILD (LW) dan Lesser FLASK OF RESISTANCE (alchem)
    - harap semua class HP 22k++ UNBUFFED (pake baju PvP klo perlu, colok gem stamina klo perlu)

    Buff2 yg mesti nyala
    - Double Wild (1 druid 1 drum LW)
    - Double King (1 Pally 1 drum LW)
    - Shadow Resist Aura Pally
    - Well FED (food buff 40 stamina + buff sesuai class)
    - Flippin Out! / Yarrr!!

    *FYI Drum LW mestinya gak stack sm punya pally/druid, but what can I say? this is AMPM!! lagipula light/dark essencenya gak jalan ya mo gmn lagi?!

    How to Kill
    - Tembak satu, jgn switch target. mau dia shield mau dia vortex, jgn switch target. Fjola mati Eydis ikut mati dan gitu sebaliknya
    - Emang Vortex kenanya 1 ruangan, tapi Dmgnya itu moving explosion, epicenter di caster (valkyr) trus RIPPLE keluar. jadi secara teknis org yg jauh jaraknya dgn tu valkyr jeda explosionnya "AGAK" lebih lama, alhasil bisa di heal. OKI, tarik satu KE UJUNG MAP, satu lagi KERUMUNIN KYK ARTIS (yg mo di DPS). HoT MESTI POL PAS VORTEX
    - Eydis Shadow, Fjola Holy, Shadow bisa di resist sm aura pally, Holy cman bisa di resist sm WILD + Flask. Itulah gunanya flask.

    Spoiler untuk Anu-BERAK :

    - bos ter-culun TOC (padhal bos trakhir), skillnya gak ada yg jalan, yg sakit justru TMnya
    - klo dia nyusup ke tanah, dia spawn 2 TM (semut) itu ngecast Shadowstrike, klo gak di cancel bakal 1 hit ke 90% semua class (dmg 36k). Jadi tolong di cancel sm stun/ Turn Evil / Shackle Undead / Shield Bash / Pummel / Cheap Shot / Kidney Shot / Kick / Wind Shock / skill interrupt lainnya.
    - itu TM dua cast shadowstrike terus2an ampe mampus, jd ya... cancel aja terus...
    - TMnya klo pas Anub Nongol lagi blon mati, jadi GAK BISA DI TARGET, tapi gak cast shadowstrike jd ya... sante aje, cman paling layar lo jd ternak semut.

    susah? gampang?
    yg seru cman jaraxus sm faction champ, sisanya tank n spank.

    C. WoW Alliance vs Horde (PvP Section) Under Construction

    Step 1. Personal Preparation
    I. Gear Check (PI_1)
    Untuk gear PvE ada Tier. Untuk PvP ada Season.
    Savage d
    Hateful d
    Deadly d
    Furious d
    Relentless d

    II. Enchant Your Gear (PI_2)
    Gear enchant untuk PvP dibedakan, karena lebih mengutamakan CRT,RES, STM, ARP/SPT
    Head = Enchant Resil Wintergrasp
    Shoulder = Enchant Resil Wintergrasp
    Legs = Earthen Leg Armor (LW)
    sisanya sesuai selera anda

    III. Socket Your Gear (PI_3)
    Gear enchant untuk PvP dibedakan, karena lebih mengutamakan CRT,RES, STM, ARP/SPT

    IV. PvP Glyphs (PI_4)

    Spoiler untuk Recommended Glyphs (incomplete) :

    Warr Prot :
    Warr Arms :
    DK Unholy :
    DK Blood DPS :
    DK Frost DPS :
    Paladin Retri :
    Shockadin :
    Paladin Tank :
    Shaman Ele :
    Shaman Resto :
    Shaman Enh. :
    Hunter SV :
    Rogue Asnet :
    Rogue Subtl. :
    Druid Meong :
    Druid Puun :
    Druid Ayam :
    Mage Arcane :
    Mage Frost :
    Warlock Affli :
    Warlock Destro :
    Priest Shadow :
    Priest Disc :

    V. Basic PvP Guideline (PI_5)

    If in PvE you're looking for sustained high damage. For PvP you want BURST DAMAGE a.k.a BIG CRITZ. The 3 main stat you're looking for in PvP is STM, CRT, and RES. Stamina & Resillience for survival, and Critical strike for high heal/damage spikes. For damage another stat comes to mind once you've reached a sufficient amount of all three: PENETRATION. You'll want to stack Armor Penetration and Spell Penetration as much as possible as it'll increase your base damage and ultimately BIG CRITZ.

    *Use more INSTANT CAST spells and generally avoid spells with CASTING BARS as they can be cancelled/interrupted.
    *ALWAYS stick close to your HEALERS and PROTECT THEM (a.k.a disable/spank any-1 who tries to poke them), for they are your LIFELINE.
    *ALWAYS MOVE IN GROUPS, it increases your Killing speed and Survival Rate

    *ALWAYS TARGET ENEMY HEALERS 1st for they decide which group can last longer in a single battle

    Step 2. Battlegrounds
    I. BG Mechanics (PII_1)
    II. General Tactics (PII_2)
    III. Arathi Basin (AB) (PII_3)
    IV. Warsong Gulch (WSG) (PII_4)
    V. Alterac Valley (AV) (PII_5)
    VI. Eye of Storm (EoS) (PII_6)
    VII. Strands of the Ancient (SoA) (PII_7)
    VIII. Wintergrasp (WG) (PII_8)

    Step 3. Arena
    I. Rating Mechanics (PIII_1)
    II. Myths & Facts (PIII_2)
    III. Items usable in Arenas (PIII_3)
    IV. Finding the right Teammate/Opponent (PIII_4)
    V. Pro's Cons of Arena location (PIII_5)
    VI. 2v2 (PIII_6)
    VII. 3v3 (PIII_7)
    VIII. 5v5 (PIII_8)

    End Note
    TQ GG HAPPY WOW, always remember to have fun and always LOL

    P.S ada yg mau bantu bagian Arena?

    IGN Contributors:
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    bikin di notepad, post disini, jd ngaco gini spasinya buset dah... forum gak bisa tab ye!?

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    Pertamax gan, di ampm buff stacking error ga sih kek flametongue totem ama totem wrath yg mesti salah 1 doang yg isa.

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    Agak pusing sich bacanya. Yang bagian basic dengan advance digabung jadi terlalu banyak IMO.
    Mungkin kalau dibikin beberapa post ( seperti di forum official), jadi ga terlalu pusing bacanya. Minta delete aja post di bawahnya ( termasuk ini kalau perlu ). Kasih thx dach untuk usahanya.

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    sekedar koreksi bang, itu patchwerk bisa di downin kok pake cara normal, no bug, no SH

    di guild gw tiap hari raid naxx N tu boss pasti goler pertama

    caranya yaitu kita lari dulu nglewatin patchwerk sampe pojokan, WL jgn sampe mokad, bgtu sampe pojokan pintu grobulus, WL dikasi divine intervention, summon ppl yg goler, trus waktu engage patchwerk ada 2 jelly yg ketarik, itu jelly di TB sama 1 healer ( shaman/priest preferrably ) dah sisa tinggal dps race aja ke patchwerknya...

    n buat 4hmen, yg ngluarin meteor itu thane, dan guild gw biasanya urutan ngedownin dari thane, lady, zeliek, baru ke baron ( dgn catatan ini lg Naxx N )
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoeNia View Post
    sekedar koreksi bang, itu patchwerk bisa di downin kok pake cara normal, no bug, no SH

    di guild gw tiap hari raid naxx N tu boss pasti goler pertama

    caranya yaitu kita lari dulu nglewatin patchwerk sampe pojokan, WL jgn sampe mokad, bgtu sampe pojokan pintu grobulus, WL dikasi divine intervention, summon ppl yg goler, trus waktu engage patchwerk ada 2 jelly yg ketarik, itu jelly di TB sama 1 healer ( shaman/priest preferrably ) dah sisa tinggal dps race aja ke patchwerknya...

    n buat 4hmen, yg ngluarin meteor itu thane, dan guild gw biasanya urutan ngedownin dari thane, lady, zeliek, baru ke baron ( dgn catatan ini lg Naxx N )
    klo ada hunter yg jago juga bisa narik patchwerk tanpa jelly dengan cara md-fd

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    baru sadar BE ga ada warrior..@_@. tadi mau tanya apa ya, oiya gundrak bos colossus cara targetnya gimana?ga bisa ditarget bukan dia?tambahan nih, heroic drop di instance masih error. udah 2 jam farm belt tb di DK ga drop2. cape..--a

    mau tanya jg buat para horde, kalo normal instance, kalian drop SKS ga?asumsinya kan yang control WG skrg horde terus, kalo drop SKs jadi rugi dong kita faction alliance

    recommended glyph Mage
    Frost : Mana gem, ice barrier, icy vein (major). Frost ward fire ward dan slow fall (minor)
    Fire : Living bomb, scorch, bebas 1 lg.
    Arcane : Arcane blast, arcane missile, mana gem.

    recommended glyph for hunter
    BM : Bestial Wrath, Aimed shot, Disengage/Serpent sting. (major) Mend pet, revive pet (minor)
    MM : Chimaera Shot/Aimed shot, Steady shot, Disengage/Serpent sting.
    Survi : Eksplosive shot, disengage, bebas.

    recommended glyph for druid
    Feral : Rip, shred, savage roar (DPS major), Enraged regen, maul, bebas 1 lg (Tank major)
    Moonkin : Insect swarm, sisanya 2 ga tau belum coba main
    Resto : Insect swarm (PvP), innervate (PvP) ,swiftmend, wild growth (PvE).

    recommended glyph for priest
    Disc : Penance, power word shield, dispel magic
    Holy : CoH, Flash heal, Guardian spirit
    Shadow : Shadow, SW: Pain, Dispersion
    Resto Druid : We don't need regen, we need SPELL POWER

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    very nice thread
    gw beri deh cendol nya
    jangan macam-macam dengan spesies yang sedang dilindungi

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    sekedar Fix dkt itu Paladin Druid Shaman DK ga ada slot RANGED adanya RELIC ( wa tau lo maksudna ini cma mau ngebenerin aja )

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    panjang dan mantap..

    vote for sticky
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    sori itu glyph PvE ato PvP ya? soal glyph2 gw pisah jadi dua

    IMHO klo yg gw liat buat hunter lo itu glyph PvP kyknya sih soalnya ada Disengage. klo PvE ga pake DN soalnya jarang digetok (mestinya bisa jaga threat)
    untuk SKS juga KAGAK DROP untuk DUNGEON MANAPUN untuk HORDE. dah gw test di Ahnkahet, Azjol Nerub, Gundrak, sama Draktharon Keep. UP+UK jg gak drop. HOL/HOS blon test.

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    sticky dong... hihihi

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    PvP Glyph for Priest
    Disc : Inner Fire (or Smite), Penance, Pain Supression.

    PvP Glyph for Warrior
    Arms : Bladestorm, Overpower, Mortal Strike

    PvP Glyph for Druid
    Resto : Innervate, Insect Swarm, Barkskin (or Swiftmend)

    PvP Glyph for Warlock
    Affliction : Shadowflame, Soul Link
    Destro : Shadowflame, Conflagrate

    PvP Glyph for Hunter
    MM : Disengage, Serpent Sting, Aimed Shot
    Surv : Disengage, Aimed Shot

    PvP Glyph for Rogue
    Mut-Prep : Preparation, Cloak of Shadows, Sprint
    Elegy - Affli

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    cuma mo ngasih tau

    GB itu kepanjangan dari gaji buta

    t r c k z
    A l t e r n a v e r | A l t e r n i x

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    not bad

    Hunter Paling Tampan

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