War Of Thrones Asia new Event for June 6th - June 12th 2013 is "Snowman Costume Comeback".
And this is the detail ^.~

1. First Top Up

2. Daily Login & Daily Top-Up

3. Discount Event

4. Give Back Event

5. Wishing Well & System Event

6. Hourly Login, Level Up, & MSI Event

note : Wrong date on the picture (8 - 9 June, not 8 - 9 May)

7. Special Topup Event

8. Highlord Banker

Because there is some complain from player S2 and for the fairness, now Event Highlord Banker
is for each server

Rules and Info:
1. Gifts are sent out the next day according to your accumulated top-up total for the day.
2. You will get your bonus gifts after 22:59 each day during the event period for the daily top-up event
3. OrangeGame reserves the right to end or change the terms of this event without any notification.