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    Default Suggestion : Fixing Emporia War's missions

    Hi everyone !

    Last saturday was the third time I applied to Emporia War with my guild.
    Participating to this tournament has always been like a final goal in this game for me. And I am really disappointed since it is actually a place where people are "abusing" the system to higher their chance to win. I think this is sad that guilds in this tournament have to use some strategies like :

    - Using only characters of the same class : I think everyone with a decent gear should be able to fight for his guild not regarding the class. Because now, people are creating new characters (most of the time Summoner) ONLY for Emporia War. Because having only one class prevent enemies to get feasible missions.

    - Reloging when they don't have missions they can do : This is related to the first point, missions system in Emporia HAS TO be fixed ! This is really annoying when you're respecting the rules and others are just reloging to get new missions everytime.

    So here is my suggestion :
    I think fixing the useless missions we can get in EW is something that has to be done. This way reloging to get new missions will be useless. And using only one class won't be as annoying for the enemies as it is now if missions are all feasible.
    But, if every missions are feasible I think the 100 points will be too fast to reach, so I suggest to higher the amount of point needed to be able to attack enemies' core or lower the points missions give.

    Why do I think this missions system HAS TO be fixed ?
    Emporia War is for a lot of player their final goal in this game. Being able to win a guild tournament should be an honor earned by hard fights against other guilds. Fixing the missions system will make Emporia War a better place where guilds can truly fight each others, not just waiting in a corner and changing zone because the mission you have at the moment is not feasible.

    Thanks for considering this suggestion.
    Feel free to add any other suggestion too, as WP team says : they need our feedbacks.
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