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    Default All we want is a bit of information

    Ok seriously. I understand that the GM's have a lot going on dealing with all the browser games but this is ridiculous. Nothing gets updated, I hear about my information about DP on other game websites. We have a lack of support and you don't even finish your GS applications.

    A lot of us have spent a lot of time and money on this game and we would like to continue to do so. However we WON'T if aeria doesn't even fill us in on bugs and events. The Cross Server Challenge was suppose to be in OVER A MONTH AGO, and we don't even have a forum post telling us whats wrong. The magic lamps don't function and no one has any idea why. We get patch notes weeks after the content is patched, we don't get info on events until AFTER THE EVENT IS OVER.

    Now it seems to me that aeria is trying to relegate this game to the back of the community. So let me tell YOU something aeria. Keep doing this and us top players are gonna stop spending. Most of us have spent well over 500K AP in the past few months. If you want us to stop doing that, then go right ahead and don't give us updates.


    The top DP players
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