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    AION NOSTA 4.6

    Introduction :
    AION is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released by NCSOFT. The game combines PvP and PvE (a concept the developers call PvPvE) in a fantasy game environment. and AION NOSTA is the fist Private Server in SEA Region who provide game experience 100% official like (all future and service running well). we're running not with Emulator, but Original file from Official. and by now we invite all of you to join us in AION NOSTA 4.6, to re-feel the excitement of playing Aion by not just focusing on PVP. because our server offers the excitement and enjoyment of playing Open World MMORPG truly.
    Server Rate Info :
    - PVE and PVP Stystem.
    - Exp Rate x1.
    - Quest Rate x2.
    - Drop Rate x5.
    - Abyss Rate x1.
    - Kinah Rate x1.
    - Custom Drop in Several Map.
    - Custom Survey Reward.
    - GEO DATA Full of Work 100% Official Like
    - Full Skill Work 100% Official Like.
    - FULL Items Work 100% Official Like.
    - Ranking System.
    - World Instance 100% Working With AI and Difficulty Level.
    - Battleground work 100% Official Like.

    yeah, we know there is just little change, but that is trully our purpose to keep the originality but also providing the side of "Private Server".
    Come and Join us, our server will be ready and ONLINE at November 23th, 2019. and please check the link below for more information

    Website : AION NOSTA 4.6

    Client Download :
    Spoiler untuk Single Link :

    Spoiler untuk Launcher :

    Note :
    1. If you want to download using IDM, to have faster speed, just right click in the link, and choose "copy link" then add to "add URL" on your IDM.
    2. If you already have the 4.6 client, just download the launcher, then klik Check to repair your file, (automatically repair base on our client)

    To knowing any update news, update, etc. Please join our community, you can aslo join our Discord, Forum, and Fan Page.
    Discord : AIOB Nosta 4.6 Discord
    Forum : AION Nosta 4.6 Forum
    FanPage : AION Nosta 4.6 Facebook FanPage.

    Will waiting for all of you guyss..!!!
    See you in the game!!
    Thank you..!!
    Last one, enjoy our Server Trailer hehehe..

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    Dear all, by today December 8, 2019. we'll do maintenance for a long time (2x24 hour) due the high patch that we've try to implement.

    1. Adding all item from AION 4.7 and 4.8 into this patch (only the item, not the system)
    2. Custom Siege Schedule.
    3. Custom Reward per our by being AFK in game.
    4. Removing limitation for selling the item on NPC
    5. Net Cafe Event Attack / (Warnet Attack Event).
    6. Adjusting New Rate server.
    - Exp rate x2
    - Quest rate x3
    - Drop rate x5
    - Abyss x1
    - Kinah rate x1.
    7. Defending your race, with Custom Boss Event by killing :
    - Kaisinel
    - Machutan
    - Mastarius
    - Veille
    8. Change the mobs for Hunting Medals Event. (with Group Loot)
    9. All Bosses Instance Additional drop (Group Loot)
    - Tempering Solution.
    - Honorable Ceramium Medal
    - Ceramium Medal.
    - Balaur Medal.
    List of the Instance :
    - Raksang
    - Muada Treacher
    - Aturam Sky Fort
    - Infinity shard
    - Rentus Base
    - Besmundir temple (Hard Mode)
    - Steel rose deck
    - Steel rose cargo (Group Mode)
    - Steel rose quarters (Group Mode)
    - Sauro Supply Base.
    - All Instance on Idiant Depth
    10. Fixing Key Instance.
    - Steel rose deck.
    - Steel rose cargo.
    - Steel rose quarters.
    - Danuar Sanctuary.
    11. Adding More Skin Gear.
    12. Closed "The First One" Event.
    13. Open the Donation System.

    The Server will be going offline by 23:59 PM (GMT+8), so please logout during that time.
    sorry for this inconvenience.


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    English Version
    Net Cafe Attack Event / Event "Warnet"

    This event is intended for you who have a player from your net cafe, and want to play together on the AION NOSTA server

    Rules :
    1. Confirm your net cafe and give me the list of the participant, by DM me or Nosta to enter the event.
    2. Each net cafe should bring at least 5 ppl to get the event. and 1 leader (totaly 6 person mininum)
    3. Within 4 Days after Confirm to enter the event, all participant should reach lvl 65 to get the reward.
    4. Post the real picture of your net cafe, and the member (take a pict together), by posting it on #GeneralEnglish in discord or AION Nosta FB for claim the reward. and write down why you want to play in AION Nosta.

    Reward :
    1. Leader (ABG/GBG Accessory set + Helmet + Belt) + 5000 Ncoin + Kinah 50.000.000
    2. Member (EAT/EGT Accessory set + Helmet + Belt) + 3000 Ncoin

    Note : There is no duration for this event.


    English Version
    Becoming NOSTA Warrior Event

    This event is intended for players outside of Aion or from other Aion servers, and want to play in Aion Nosta. we will give attractive prizes to those of you who want to become warriors of AION NOSTA.

    1. Take a picture of your character from the game you are currently playing.
    2. Include details of the type of game, your IGN, and why you want to play in AION Nosta.
    3. post the detail on on #GeneralEnglish in discord or AION Nosta FB for claim the reward.

    1. 1 set of Mirragent / Fenris armor set
    2. Master Carved Accessories, Helmets, Belts and weapon sets.
    3. Free 1 pet.
    4. Free Adepth of AION Title.

    There is no time limit for this event.

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