War Of Thrones Asia new Event for June 27th - July 3rd 2013 is "Castle War Before Fasting".
And this is the detail ^.~

1. First Top Up

2. Daily Login & Daily Top-Up

3. Discount Event

4. Give Back Event

5. Wishing Well & System Event

6. Hourly Login, Level Up, & MSI Event

7. Special Topup Event

8. Castle War Event

9. Highlord Banker

Because there is some complain from player S2 and for the fairness, now Event Highlord Banker
is for each server

Rules and Info:
1. Gifts are sent out the next day according to your accumulated top-up total for the day.
2. You will get your bonus gifts after 22:59 each day during the event period for the daily top-up event
3. OrangeGame reserves the right to end or change the terms of this event without any notification.