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    Default Missing Floors, Trampolines and Obstacels since Arcadia

    I have a really big "bug?!", what it makes for me unable to play.
    I could play, but if i dont see where i have to go, its not funny.
    Have someone any ideas what i have to do?
    I have already used the Steam Options Local Data's Bug Founding aber it shows me 18 datas are corrupted over and over again.......
    I love this game but this is frustration on the highest rank.
    Sry for my bad english btw
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    The problem is that a lot of people who live in Arcadia don't even know there's a problem because they're too busy being amazed by all the amazing things there are to do in this city with its parks and trails and beaches and now teaching their students how to make a good thesis statment to get good grades. But if you go looking for something to do, you'll find out pretty quickly that there isn't much for kids under 12 here except for some abandoned buildings that haven't been used for years at least.
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