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    Default The Gersang The Great Merchant Private Server

    Great Merchant privare server.

    Exp Ratio*5.
    credit Ratio*2. i
    tem Ratio*2.
    Free GP.
    Rich daily mission rewards.

    (info :

    Mission prize modification instructions:

    New player Quest-all-24.Exploring Daegwalyong: Add item "Ice Sword-10 Days" (No trade)

    [Daily] Quest-all-314.Monster Hunting 1(Defeat the Dualswond Thieves):Add item"Immortality"*5

    [Daily] Quest-all-328.Vision Test:Add item"Cho Chul HEE`s Giftbox"(untradeebie)*2

    [Daily] Quest-all-329.Catch Guhdaesoo:Add item"Cho Chul HEE`s Giftbox"(untradeebie)*2

    [Daily] Quest-all-333.Expel the Dwsert Queen Spider:Add item"Cho Chul HEE`s Giftbox"(untradeebie)*2

    [Battle] Quest-all-29.Meeting Myohyun:Add item"Poisoned Ghost Bow -30 day"(untradeebie)*1

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