How to craft the best weapons in (the future) Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker now has his Relic Weapons, legendary tools crafted by Godbert Manderville and Gerolt, two masters of their craft.

These Manderville weapons will eventually become the best weapons in the sourcebook (with further upgrades), so you'd better start collecting them for the various jobs you're playing now.

Relic weapons are special weapons that look beautiful and usually have a unique glow animation. After upgrading your weapon multiple times over multiple patches, you'll get the best weapon in Endwalker as a trophy for your hard work, but the effort you'll have to put into it is massive. Perform these steps over a period of time instead of trying to do them quickly and exhaust yourself.

There are many steps to getting the best weapon in profile and for each weapon you want you have to start from scratch and repeat most of them.

ENDWALKER RELIC Weapon Requirements↴
You must first complete all of the Mandeville side quests before you can begin the Relic Weapons quest. Each profile has a set of quests (except Shadowbringers) that you must complete in order. Once a group is completed, points are awarded and the gang spawns in a new area. The first Mandeville quests in each expansion pack are as follows.

The Realm of Rebirth: "The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen
Heavensward: "The gentleman fell, not the fly"
Stormblood: "Tales of Hingan: Nashu Goes East"
Endwalker: "The Sleeping Gentleman"
In order to complete the Hildebrand quest for the expansion, you must complete the basic main scenario quest for the expansion. For example, you can't complete A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes Eat until you complete the MSQ titled Stormblood.

In addition, the relic weapon must be at level 90 for any tasks it is intended to perform. Once you have all of these questions answered, you can start crafting your relic weapon.

Step 1: Making a Mandeville Weapon↴
This is the base of your relic weapon. She has an item level of 615 and this part of the ff14 gil quest line was added in patch 6.25. In order to obtain this weapon, you must speak to the following NPC who is doing the job that requires the weapon.

A red Viera faces a gray-haired NPC in Radz-at-Han near Aetheryte
Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source image: Schweppes Enix
After speaking to Godbert, head to Jubrunnah near the main Aetheryte in Radz-at-Han.
Exchange the Yarago Astronomical Codex Stone for 3 Manderium Meteorites. A meteorite costs more than 500 books.
Give the Manderium Meteorite to Gerolt to get your relic weapon.
And that was it! If you want another relic weapon for another quest, just talk to the "House Manderville Artisan" next to Gerolt and give him three more Manderium Meteorites.

More steps to improve your weapon will come in a later patch, and based on previous relic weapons, later steps will require you to improve various quests and destinies. We will update this guide as more relic weapon steps are added to the game.

If you want to grind something at the same time, you can craft a Shadowbringer relic weapon. Much luck.